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This Music Monday, we wanted to introduce you to a fresh face on the music scene. Her name is Kaylan Rexer and she embodies everything about a kick-a emerging female musician. We had the pleasure of asking Kaylan some questions, so read up and check her out at her upcoming show this Saturday with The Burke Brothers Band (see deets on... CONTINUE READING 6


Who should pay on a date? Do you judge a guy if he doesn’t pick up the tab on the first outing? Have you ever dumped a man over money matters? One Staffer weighs in with her own experiences—she's down for chipping in, but one relationship hit the rocks after too many nights of her picking up the entire tab... CONTINUE READING 34


Eyes are the windows to your soul, so it’s important to have perfect peepers when staring into the eyes of your potential soulmate…or the fling you’re just having fun with. We recently  and mascara was frequently mentioned. We took everyone's recommendations into consideration (including YOURS) and came up with the four most eye-popping mascaras perfect for a date night. -Cait Rohan Your... CONTINUE READING 30


Colder temps are here to stay, so stop the summer nostalgia via your fruity summer fragrances. Labor Day is way over, and it’s about time to switch to a deeper scent more appropriate for fall and winter. See some of our faves and stay tuned for even more coming up TOMORROW when we announce our 2010 Beauty at Its Best... CONTINUE READING 24


We’re thinking about all things beautiful this week, but while we’re on the subject of pretty makeup and the latest eyeshadow shades, we kinda can’t think about something that’s a little opposite and definitely ugly: friendship fights. Remember the Staffer who penned “?” She had a run-in with her ex-BFF and here’s how it went down. “Like most of America, I’m... CONTINUE READING 17


Happy November, Shecksters! After a Halloween weekend, we predict that this Monday will be a slow one (wah wah wah), and we don’t know about you, but we could desperately use a break…ASAP! Last week, Gina told us that when she needs to de-stress on a Monday (or any day), she plays solitaire. While we won’t appreciate getting blamed for playing... CONTINUE READING 21


Always Sunny Aficionado: One of the reasons I love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is how the sheer political incorrectness/ridiculousity brings light to otherwise serious issues. Plus, the self-centered “gang” and their band of unique acquaintances have an infinitely entertaining amount of quirks. I’m here every week to give you the scoop on what I think…and hear what you have... CONTINUE READING 6


Most men seem to be missing that "listening" section of their brain...or it seems like if they do hear us out, they view our requests, needs and wants as pure nagging. We were so glad when commenter "keonmarks" asked a question about listening and nagging, and we're so excited to reveal the answers from our real men. See their surprising responses... CONTINUE READING 47


Halloween is so soon (Sunday) and while we’ve given you tons of options for costumes (hysterically wrong, DIY, couples, last-minutes) and a few pumpkin recipes, we’re back with hauntingly-awesome Halloween recipes (and a punch!). Make ‘em all for a great last-minute Halloween bash or be the best guest ever when you show up with one or several in hand to... CONTINUE READING 17


Growing up in New York City, my friends and I called Miami the sixth borough. A lot of my close girlfriends went to the University of Miami, so I've had the fortune of visiting and getting the lay of this party-land since my college days. A number of (undisclosed!) years have gone by, but it’s still my go-to for a four day getaway when I need... CONTINUE READING 13