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5 Ways To Take Your Fall Look From Day to Night

Hate having to rush home after a long day at work or running errands only to change your entire outfit to go out for drinks with the girls afterwards? Take out the middle man and transform your day look for night this season with a few simple fashion secrets from the super stylish model Porschla Kidd. As a full-time mom... CONTINUE READING 5

Foolproof Ways to Get Out Of A Dating Emergency

It’s happened to the best of us–you’re on a date, trying to chat and chew at the same time, when a piece of your food goes flying out of your mouth and over to the other side of the table. OMG! Did he see? Should you apologize? Should you pretend it didn’t happen? Whether it’s spitting half your dinner back... CONTINUE READING 7

10 Tips to Make You The Best Wingwoman Ever

Sure, we all want to find the picture perfect significant other for ourselves, but sometimes it's even more fun to pull a Fiddler and go full-on matchmaker on your friends. Nowadays, though, old school-style setting up friends for a dinner date just doesn't cut it anymore. Now you need to be a wingman, a bar-going buddy who will help field... CONTINUE READING 17

What Real Guys Think About Your Beauty Rituals

Did you ever wonder what a guy thinks about the glam look you’ve spent countless minutes perfecting in the mirror, only to hope that he notices? Or how about your oh-so-personal facial treatments—does he secretly get grossed out watching you apply that acne cream or pore strip to your nose? We've rounded up a panel... CONTINUE READING 8

Get a Last-Minute Bikini Bod with Lüc Carl's The Drunk Diet

Summer's here—are you ready to show off a swimsuit-ready bod? Let’s face it, when we’re at a summer party or out with the girls on a Friday night, the last thing you’re thinking about while ordering a Mojito at your favorite hot spot is cutting the carbs, right? Well we've talked with one guy who’s not only an expert on nightlife,... CONTINUE READING 9

Give Yourself an Inner Makeover Post-Breakup

Recently single? Congratulations! Yes, that’s right—congratulations! Wrenching heartache aside, we think breakups rock. After all, when else do you have the opportunity for deep reflection, soul work and re-ignition? When else can you stare in the mirror and decide, 'today is the day I begin to think about love differently'? At The BreakUP Club, we believe that sometimes in love,... CONTINUE READING 17

10 Ways to Pick Up A Guy At The Bar

It's pretty much expected that when us gals go out to a bar, it's the guy's job to make the first move. But why not skip all the anxiety of waiting around and make that first move yourself? Sometimes guys are just shy and don't know how to approach a lady and, let's face it, most of the cocky guys... CONTINUE READING 21

Beer-Based Cocktails for St. Paddy’s Day Festivities

While imbibing beer in copious amounts is a natural part of St. Paddy’s Day, why not take an imaginative twist on the regular bottles and drafts today? Lucky for you, there are plenty of beer-based cocktails for you to consider from! Since the early bird catches the worm, start your buzz off bright and early. A Bloody Irishman makes the perfect... CONTINUE READING 6

Spotted at: Girls Night Out New York City

Girls Night Out hit up our hometown (NYC!) last week for four nights of fun. There were tons of cocktails, new spring styles, pampering treatments and more! Like what you see or went last week and need another dose of GNO, stat? Check out our Girls Night Out event in June and our Girls Day Out in the Hamptons this... CONTINUE READING 12

St. Patrick's Day Pick-Up Lines

St. Patrick’s Day is legendary for incessant drinking, partying and the explosion of all things green…but this holiday is one-of-a-kind when it comes to Jameson-fueled lads and lasses trying to score some luck with one another. I’ve scoured the Irish channels to find the worthiest pick-up lines that even the patron Saint Patrick would approve of! Use these yourself or get... CONTINUE READING 8