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By Megan Greene & Marcus Scott Bold. Fierce. Confident. In Your Face. Elegant and gauche. Some women have it all, and when you've got: Flaunt it. That's the motto for some of our favorite  hypersexual girlfriends that have graced our TV screen every week on some of our favorite shows. These epicurean ladies know what they want, when the want it and... CONTINUE READING 39


By Megan Greene We all have the gift of gab sometimes. You know, occasionally telling other people's business (or being guilty of sharing our own). Generally, all the “tea spilling” of course occurs on Girls' Night.  Let's be honest: The 3 essentials for Girls' Night is cocktails, food, and a good movie. Meanwhile, the topics are careers, sex, and relationships...and did... CONTINUE READING 28

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Houston

Just as the cool fall air started to blow into Houston, another fun and fabulous Girls Night Out evening with Shecky's breezed through town! Houston's most stylish and savvy ladies came out in their best attire for an evening of style, shopping and fun with friends. Read away to see my favorite finds from Houston's GNO! Hats & Handbags We saw a... CONTINUE READING 5

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Washington DC

I had the amazing pleasure of attending Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out in Washington, D.C. last week and let’s just say it was what every girl dreams of. I’m talking clothes, jewelry, hats, diet advice, homemade natural products, the list goes on and on! I picked some of my favorite vendors that I came across at GNO DC and decided to... CONTINUE READING 2

Suddenly Single? 8 Ways to Rebuild, Renew & Reinvigorate Your Life

Here are two facts we unequivocally know about every breakup: 1) They hurt like hell, and 2) You always get over them. Wouldn’t it be dreamy though if you could just hurry up and get to the “over it” part? If you could start moving forward right away? You can! Follow these tips to help you rebuild, renew and reinvigorate... CONTINUE READING 10

What You "Have to Have" at Girls Night Out Philadelphia

Philadelphia may already be the city of brotherly love but on September 12th and 13th, it's all about sisterly love between girlfriends. So gather your greatest girls and head out to Shecky's Girls Night Out Philadelphia. Join us for an evening of pampering, shopping and trying some delectable treats and a few cocktails. Quality time with the girls can be... CONTINUE READING 10

10 Tips to Make You The Best Wingwoman Ever

Sure, we all want to find the picture perfect significant other for ourselves, but sometimes it's even more fun to pull a Fiddler and go full-on matchmaker on your friends. Nowadays, though, old school-style setting up friends for a dinner date just doesn't cut it anymore. Now you need to be a wingman, a bar-going buddy who will help field... CONTINUE READING 17

Don't Be the Boredom Bang This Summer!

Mid-summer like this is when all the dust stirred up from the start of summer settles. You’ve got your summer routine down pat, leftovers from July 4th have gone and now you are in limbo until Olympics excitement rolls around. So what will you do to pass the time? Please, oh please, do not even think about spicing things up with... CONTINUE READING 12

What You "Have to Have" at Girls Night Out New York City

The time is almost here New Yorkers! Get ready to stock up your closet, jewelry box, vanity and even your pantry with some new treats, because Girls Night Out will soon hit the Big Apple. In just two short weeks, GNO will be taking over New York City, so gear up for the big night by checking out our list of must-haves for... CONTINUE READING 11

10 Ways To Treat Yourself This Mother's Day

Every year, my mother and her best friend wake up the morning of Mother’s Day, hop in the car and leave their kids behind. They rarely even let us know where they're headed, but we all know not to ask. On Mother’s Day, we simply let them do their thing, whatever that may be! You’re a mother 365 days of the... CONTINUE READING 7