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Great Holiday Greetings with

As a self-proclaimed Haute Hostess and serious lover of the holiday season, I’m annually dismayed at the waning personality of mass-produced holiday cards. Sure, glitter and a non-denominational “Happy Holidays” let my loved ones know that I’m thinking of them...but where’s the pizazz? Apparently, it’s been hiding at Thanks to my recent discovery, the fam is in for a very... CONTINUE READING 6

Battling Holiday Spending Expectations

With everything we've shared on gift giving (and receiving!) this holiday season, we haven't touched upon a huge concern for many people today. In a time of economic turmoil, should you forfeit tradition and the joy of buying presents to be kind to your wallet? Amanda Steinberg of DailyWorth shares more! How much can my family afford to spend on gifts... CONTINUE READING 13

Gifts That Give Back

I know you’ve got a long list of people to buy presents for, but amidst your bargain-hunting and your relentless searching, consider gifts that support great causes. Give the gift of charity when you purchase any of the below products and check out a Holiday Night Out sneak peek at the end of the post! -Lynden Halpern World AIDS Day was yesterday,... CONTINUE READING 15

Old-School Gifts for Your Girlfriends

There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel young again—really young, as in maybe five years old. In that case, what better to gift your oldest gal pal with than something that reminds you both of your shared childhood (aww!)? I know we already gave you some options on gifts for girlfriends, but wrap these up for... CONTINUE READING 16

Must-Buys…for Your Girlfriends

With holiday shopping season upon us, it's time to make a list, and not just for yourself. Remember: giving can be far more rewarding than receiving, especially if you're presenting loved ones with unique, off-the-beaten-path, knock-your-socks-off gifts. In order to ensure your gifts impress (and elicit effusive "thank you's") this year, we've come up with some genius ideas for the... CONTINUE READING 13

Accessorize with Asha Patel

It’s officially Hanukkah, we’re in the realm of the “25 days of Christmas” and Kwanzaa starts the 26th of the month! No matter what you celebrate, we’re sure there are still a few presents you need to buy. Not celebrating anything this year? All done with gift shopping? (Go you!) You can still treat yourself with a true treasure crafted by designer... CONTINUE READING 10

Claudia's Picks: Holiday Night Out

Ornament yourself (or someone else!) this holiday season with items that will be available at our Holiday Night Out event in New York City. All that glitters isn't gold...because it can also be silver, or even bronze! Score these metallic must-haves December 15-17. 1. So different and so cool, the Faux Four Finger Ring (Retail Price: $89.99 18t over brass/$129.99 in... CONTINUE READING 16

Have You Tried THIS Winter Date?

Winter may not officially be till December 21 (you still have time for some of our fall dates!), but since anytime after Thanksgiving signals the beginning of “winter” to me, I thought I’d give you ample time to go on every romantic winter excursion. See my top 10, tell us which ones you’ve tried and which ones you’re planning to... CONTINUE READING 12


Between the presents, party dresses and open bars, you’ll be spending a pretty penny this holiday season. Sure, a savings-savvy gal like you is probably already a member of a few discount/deal sites to combat those seasonal cash suckers, but for fun, sassy fashion, no one knows style like our girlfriends at Refinery29. That’s why we’re so excited about Reserve. Just... CONTINUE READING 9

Singing Trey Songz’ Praises

Happy Black Friday! In honor of the craziest shopping day of the year, we were doing a little...hottie shopping and we came across Trey Songz' abs. Think of him as an early holiday present, a gift from us to you. You're welcome! Trey Songz has obviously got the talent to get our attention, but add his perfectly chiseled abs and that... CONTINUE READING 14