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Fixes for Awkward Holiday Sitches

The ultimate celebration season is upon us. Meeting your man’s family, attending an office holiday fête and letting loose at an alcohol-infused party with friends may seem like fun at first—until you accidentally insult his mother, get wasted in front of your boss (there goes that year-end bonus!) and spill red wine on your pal’s white carpet. Here’s how to plan... CONTINUE READING 13

Thank a (Haute) Hostess

‘Tis always better to give than to receive, so while your friends are dedicating their time and energy this holiday season to decking the halls and hosting the soirées, give them a gift that says thank you. Vocalizing your appreciation is a must, but a present will leave a lasting impression and get you invited next year. Check out five... CONTINUE READING 14


With holiday shopping season upon us, it's time to make a list, and not just for yourself. Remember: giving can be far more rewarding than receiving, especially if you're presenting loved ones with unique, off-the-beaten-path, knock-your-socks-off gifts. In order to ensure your gifts impress (and elicit effusive "thank you's") this year, we've come up with some genius ideas for the... CONTINUE READING 13

Glee: Even The Smallest Envelope is Heavy For An Elf

GUSHING GLEEK: I am proud to admit that I am a gushing gleek. It’s a feel-good show with unreal talent and seriously underrated one-liners…and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been counting down to this season’s premiere. Season two is in session and I’m here all semester season long to give you my opinions and picks. SEASON 2, EPISODE 10:... CONTINUE READING 8

How Do I Survive the Holidays Solo?

So…the holiday season is upon us. You’re single, you wish you weren’t, and you refuse to be sad or lonely this year. Yes? Okay, no sweat—Cupid’s Coach is bursting with suggestions and solutions for approaching the season solo…or maybe not so much solo…. Say Yes, Smile and Schmooze. Accept all of the party invitations that come your way.  What? You don’t... CONTINUE READING 16

Presents Good Enough to Eat

Hopefully, presents elicit the elusive oohs and ahhs we so greatly anticipate, but can they also provoke…drool? When you purchase any of these delicious delicacies as presents, that is possible—and hopefully your recipients share! See our faves and check out a sweet treat that will be available at our Holiday Night Out event in New York City. -Lynden Halpern Nix pre-made, pre-packaged... CONTINUE READING 11

Hanukkah Gifts For All!

Oy vey, more chocolate gelt being passed off as gifts?! This season, surprise your Jewish pals and fam by opting for more updated gifts with Hanukkah twists! Some of my favorite brands have introduced limited edition products to get us in the spirit. -Lynden Halpern Say relax to your best Jewish buddy or bro with LUSH's Fizztival of Lights ($19.95) bath bombs! Four... CONTINUE READING 11

Monday Motivator: Inspiring Holiday Quote

On this December Monday, with Hanukkah coming to a close, and Christmas and Kwanzaa still on the horizon, we at Shecky’s wanted to share a quote that is extremely pertinent to the holiday season. With so much emphasis on gifts (and trust me, we understand!), we also wanted to acknowledge the gift givers—our family, friends, coworkers and peers, who are gifts... CONTINUE READING 6

Get Lucky, San Francisco!

Tomorrow, December 4, is National Dice Day, and this is particularly relevant with the holiday season ahead of us. Don’t take a gamble when it comes to shopping—score big for less when you choose these steals. These wallet-friendly items will be available at Girls Night Out San Francisco (Goodie Bag tickets are $10 off for a limited time, so score... CONTINUE READING 9

ListCharming: Get Your Dream Gifts

Every time I see the word "fulfilled" next to a long list of random household items on a wedding registry, I shudder to think of the day I get married. I imagine the things I'd really want...a blender? I have a blender. I don't need a fancy one and if I did, I want to bargain shop on or... CONTINUE READING 11