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How to Avoid Honeymoon Wreckers

Summertime is wedding season, which also means it's a hot time for honeymoons, too. But, even if you are the most organized bride-to-be ever, all that wedding planning can distract you from mapping out the h-moon. Which is basically a recipe for post-I-do disaster. That's why every busy soon-to-be bride should read’s tips for avoiding honeymoon wreckers. At the top... CONTINUE READING 17

MyRegistry Makes Registries Personalized & Fun

For most brides, the words "wedding registry" may conjure up images of dragging their grooms through a department store searching for the perfect china pattern. But that's just what Nancy Lee, President of, has set out to conquer! Shecky’s spoke with Nancy about her innovative registry site, which provides couples with the ability to register at any and all... CONTINUE READING 20

Our Favorite Movie BFF Sidekicks

Everyone wants to be a star, but the trick to being a great BFF is sharing the spotlight. In honor of our National Girlfriend Awards and today's featured Supporting Girlfriend Award (have you told us why SHE is your Supporting Girlfriend yet?), we looked back on some of our favorite chick flicks and found a common denominator—awesome female sidekicks! Whether... CONTINUE READING 17

Wedding Music Videos: Yay or Nay?

What's the latest and greatest in weddings these days? It’s not the photo booth, or the choreographed dance down the isle…it’s your wedding video. Many brides hire someone to film their wedding so they can go back and revisit those moments again and again. But how many people get bored of watching their our own wedding videos (answer: a lot!)?... CONTINUE READING 24

"How Do You Know if She's 'The One'?"

QUESTION: Sent via our form: “All right, guys! How do you REALLY know she’s the one you’re going to marry?” ANSWERS: Mr. Noncommittal SEE BIO NOW> You'll actually never know. Why? Because marriage isn't the answer, especially nowadays. In the olden days, men would marry women because there was that whole "no sex until marriage" thing. Today, there are lots of ladies who put out... CONTINUE READING 35

Excuses, Excuses: When It's Okay to Ditch a Wedding

Wedding season has arrived, and while we're sure the invitations are piling up, we're sure the "attending"s are too! When I think of my own dream wedding and all of the familiar faces I hope to see that night, it's hard to think of any wedding I'd say "no" to, for fear of someone saying no to my own. But in... CONTINUE READING 27

Hot Honeymoon Destinations

After the big day is over, it's finally time to kick back and enjoy some R&R with your new spouse. Start your marriage off right with these romantic honeymoon ideas every couple can enjoy...on any budget! -Elana Lott Destination: The Canadian Rockies For Couples Who Enjoy: The Outdoors—hiking, camping, mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, wilderness tours, gondola rides, rafting, golf If you and your new... CONTINUE READING 34

The Top 3 Credit Myths for Married Couples

When you vow to take your spouse in sickness and in health, are you saying “I Do” to their bad credit, too? Couples don’t typically discuss credit health before walking down the aisle, but they should. Knowing the truth can prevent credit damage and (ultimately) help you save thousands on loans. Here are the facts behind three common myths: Myth 1: When we marry,... CONTINUE READING 28

Spring & Summer’s Best Wedding Hair

After the world tuned in to witness the royal wedding, expect soon-to-be-brides to follow Kate Middleton’s lead. Here are celeb hairstylist Angelo David’s predictions for bridal hair trends during the spring and summer: simple elegance with lots of hair. Best Bride Hair Every woman dreams of having a princess wedding. They might not have the lavish carriage (or a prince), but... CONTINUE READING 20

Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Someday (in the far future), when I'm proposed to, I won't expect a million dollar ring. If my boyfriend had a million dollars to spend, I'd make him buy me a house instead. But that's not the case for celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. You'd be surprised at the amount of money someone would be willing to spend on an... CONTINUE READING 14