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by Marcus Scott When one thinks about the 2014 Sochi Olympics, it’s quite easy to be distracted by the things surrounding and eventually overshadowing the legacy of the Winter Games: homophobic happy-slapping, poignant human rights PSAs, massive hospitalized causalities, and dangerous hotel accommodation conditions. Not to mention talks of the tar-pit thick mobile “Mach 39,” touted as the “fastest speedskating suit... CONTINUE READING 7

Perfect Gifts for Every Spring Party

From tomorrow's Easter gatherings to outdoor dinner parties, spring brings all sorts of fun occasions. After all, there's nothing like kicking back with a refreshing drink in your hand, chatting with family, friends and maybe even meeting a new fling for spring while enjoying that warm spring weather. But whether the party takes place beachside, in a backyard or in... CONTINUE READING 5

8 Budget-Smart Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Valentine's Day is around the corner and with the onslaught of engagements already after the holidays, everyone will be planning weddings...and bachelorette parties to go with 'em. Be it your sister or best friend, planning a bachelorette party isn’t easy—especially when trying to consider the bride’s wishes and everyone's wallet. Ultimately, money matters play a major role in where, when... CONTINUE READING 18

Halloween Drinking Games

Halloween is this Monday, which means there’s bound to be a ton of cool costume parties this weekend. To amp up the usual chatting, dancing and photo opps, why not add even more excitement with some fun drinking games from With a little bit of thinking—and a lotta bit of drinking—you’re bound to have a spooktacular time! If you were... CONTINUE READING 6

Letters to Shecky's: Let the Sun Shine

Welcome to another edition of Letters to Shecky’s, a section where we take some of our favorite comments and share ‘em with all of you! Temperatures are steadily rising (and hopefully stay that way!), we're seeing a little less rain and we're already eagerly anticipating summer! From advice to other readers, to love for our posts, contributors and... CONTINUE READING 3

Not Another Box of Chocolates!

Still can’t figure out a V-Day present (after all our suggestions?!) or stubbornly want to stick with chocolate? Don’t buy someone a plain ol’ heart-shaped box—our off-the-wall chocolate gifts are delightful twists on the traditional. Plus, most of them come complete with great last-minute shipping deals! -Cait Rohan Got a guy who would puke at the prospect of typical V-Day candy? Vosges... CONTINUE READING 15


Happy November, Shecksters! After a Halloween weekend, we predict that this Monday will be a slow one (wah wah wah), and we don’t know about you, but we could desperately use a break…ASAP! Last week, Gina told us that when she needs to de-stress on a Monday (or any day), she plays solitaire. While we won’t appreciate getting blamed for playing... CONTINUE READING 21


We’re coming to Miami next month and soon after, the holidays are coming to...everyone. It's never too early to start holiday shopping—you don’t want to be left gift-less when Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry time rolls around! Below is our pre-holiday gift guide. All featured items will be available at our Miami event, so snap up $10 off Goodie Bag tickets for a... CONTINUE READING 10


In a month filled with baseball playoffs, football and the start of hockey, our Shecky’s Staffer contemplates on something a little mystifying to her: Why is it sooo sexy when guys play sports? Personally, she’s not feeling the baseball babes ‘cause she’d rather watch studly men play action-packed, brutally barbaric sports. See her reasons, share your sports crushes, and tell... CONTINUE READING 35


We all know that getting married and having a baby are the most special (yet stressful) times of a woman’s life, and we’re not just talking about the bride or the baby mama. The friends of the spotlighted chica also have their fair share of stress planning…everything. Forget all those other complicated guides. Ours is oh-so-easy to use! Planning for Any Shower Invitations:... CONTINUE READING 18

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