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by Romy Roloff Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe features some pretty gnarly occupations. Are you in between jobs? Or just in need of an extra buck? Maybe you’ve been working the same 9-5 desk position for years now, and you need to step away from your cubicle and try something new. We’ve rounded up a list of odd jobs that not only... CONTINUE READING 32

7 Simple Ways To Make The Most Of Your Lunch Hour

Where are all the workaholics out there? If you’re like us career-driven darlings at Shecky's, you know very well what it’s like to work straight through your lunch break once in a while. But that is the biggest mistake you can make! Eating lunch at your desk is perfectly fine, but don’t be shy when it comes... CONTINUE READING 7

10 Ways to De-Stress for National Stress Awareness Day

Life is full of hardships, obstacles and pressures—and I’m just talking about personal lives! Throw in work on top of that and you have a whole mess of problems! Stress affects your appearance, your mind and your health—ever wonder why you break out, forget things or why your immune system just isn’t what it used to be? Research shows those... CONTINUE READING 9

4 Easy Office-Style Secrets

Getting dressed for work can be monotonous, tedious and even downright frustrating at times. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be! With a little careful planning and some strategic budgeting, you can make your work wardrobe as exciting as your job. (Or add excitement to a job that you don’t love!) Here are my top tips... CONTINUE READING 38

Fun Pranks for April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools' Day! Today's the prime time to pull a prank on coworkers or loved ones, and we like the suggestions on Here are some of our faves: Place No Trespassing signs on the toilet. What a way to wake up! Serve dinner for breakfast or vice versa. Rearrange two rooms of furniture. Have the couch in the kitchen and the... CONTINUE READING 7

8 Things You Should Delegate

1. Hiring. Really? Okay, consider this: If your colleague needs an assistant, who’s going to know exactly the caliber required and make an effort to hire the very best? Yup, the person who’s going to be relying on this new employee daily. 2. Supervising others. “Employees really grow into their roles, and loyalty is promoted when they have to assume responsibility for... CONTINUE READING 5

Big Love for Nicole Atkins’ New Album (Out February 8!)

As a Smith College grad and women’s media entrepreneur, I am—not surprisingly—a huge fan of musically talented women who can belt it out. A fraction of my favorites include Sara Bareilles, Katy Perry, Pink, Liz Phair and Aimee Mann; you might as well call my Pandora page my own little Lilith Fair. One artist I have recently added to my playlist... CONTINUE READING 22

…A New York City Nightlife Editor

Welcome to Shecky's "Desk of..." column where we find out what it's really like to spend a day in the life of women with cool jobs. Our first pick, Alexandra Calamari, works right here at Shecky's as the New York City Nightlife Editor. Here's what her job is like! Alexandra Calamari Nightlife Editor Shecky’s Inc. New York City, NY How did you become a Nightlife... CONTINUE READING 7

The Dos and Don'ts of Abbreviations

As an editor, I have a love/hate relationship with abbreviations. In today’s technology-obsessed, high-paced environment, abbreviations—or shall I say, abbrevs—are a part of our everyday lives. Sometimes, shortening words is necessary when firing off a quick text or email: Idc wat we hav 4 din 2night (Translation: I don’t care what we have for dinner tonight), but over-abbreviate or aim your... CONTINUE READING 16


Why let boys have all the fun when it comes to technology? With sparkle and sass, these gadgets have the ultimate girlie edge and are the perfect way to make any technology-obsessed guy (cough, every man) jealous. Plus, we’re betting these are the types of gifts your guy will actually want to get you for Valentine’s Day. -Cait Rohan Best Hostessing Gadget:... CONTINUE READING 16