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As we plunge into the chilling winter season, nothing feels better than a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a snuggly sweater, of course. And yes, while we miss the lighter fabrics of fall, these fashion-forward, budget-friendly winter knits definitely make those below-freezing temps bearable! Cross Back Tunic Cardigan Get a little edgy with this basic yet trendy Wet Seal Cross Back... CONTINUE READING 9

8 Trends You've Gotta Try Before Fall Ends

Fall is our favorite season for fashion because we can finally break out the cozy sweaters and sexy boots to look super chic, plus we also don't have to worry so much about our figures now that we’re covering it up! In honor of our love of layering and everything fall, we enlisted Dana Holmes, the fashion-loving Editor in Chief... CONTINUE READING 11

The Perfect Packing List for Labor Day Weekend

For a lot of us Labor Day symbolizes the end of the summer, the last day to wear white and, sadly, our last summer getaway. If you are planning one last weekend of celebrating the sun and spending quality time with your friends or family, then there are a few things you'll need. Whether you're headed to the beach or... CONTINUE READING 5

7 Fab Frocks to Take You From Sandy Beach to City Street

If you want to plan your day at the beach without having to run home and change before you head to happy hour with the girls, having the right beach dress is ideal. You'll want to choose an outfit that can seamlessly go from a sandy beach to a night on the town, with fabrics that are the perfect balance... CONTINUE READING 10

5 Fab Budget-Friendly Bikinis Under $50

It's finally summer and that means hitting the pool and the beach are two things on our radar. What to wear? Why, a haute bikini, of course! There’s plenty of luxury swimwear options out there (perfect for photo shoots or if you’re a made-of-money celeb), but for the average girl who simply wants some cute swimwear she can actually swim... CONTINUE READING 7

DIY Your Way To A New Summer Wardrobe

With the official start of summer a mere few days away, who isn’t extremely excited to finally sport all those summer styles that you’ve been anxiously awaiting all year to break out at the beach? As many new trends grace the covers of magazines and perch in the windows of our favorite boutiques, it’s hard for us sartorial sisters to... CONTINUE READING 18

Girls Night Out Preview: Hot Style in New York City

Start spreading the news New Yorkers! The time has come to gather your girlfriends and hit the town for Shecky's Girls Night Out in NYC on June 6th-9th, and trust us, you definitely want to be a part of it! Get ready for a night of pampering, sipping sweet cocktails, tasting sugary treats and, of course, shopping. Some of New York's... CONTINUE READING 11

8 Hot Swimsuits to Splash Into Summer

The day you've been dreading is here: bikini season. We know, the mere thought of breaking out in an itsy bitsy, teenie weenie bikini is a bit horrifying at the moment, but with this year's hot swimsuit collections, you'll want to instantly strip down to your suit and hit the beach! From high-waisted pinup girl-style numbers to animal prints, cut-outs... CONTINUE READING 9

Girls Night Out Preview: Lovely Los Angeles

The City of Angels is the place to be May 1st and 2nd—that's right, Shecky's is cruising into Cali for a Girls Night Out that you do not want to miss! Cocktails will be a-flowing, there'll be accessories galore and cute clothes just ready for the picking, and we've got your sneak peak here. There's something for everybody at GNO,... CONTINUE READING 11

Conquer Spring in Colorful Camo

Think camo's only for army men? Think again! Camo was all the rage on the runway this spring, but this season's version is anything but heavy duty, replacing boring basic camo with soft shades of pastels and neon brights. From apparel to accessories, this otherwise masculine print can add a surprisingly ladylike touch to your wardrobe. Conquer the trend with... CONTINUE READING 3

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