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6 Tips to Keep Recent College Grads Motivated

Being a college graduate is extremely rewarding, but it can also be very stressful and the feelings of worry really set in when fall comes around ('s not time to go back to school and summer fun can distract you no longer!). You’re finally leaving school behind with a degree to enter the "real world," but you might not be... CONTINUE READING 10

A Bikini Body All Year

With fall unofficially here, it’s off with the bikini and on with the sweaters, jackets, jeans, boots, parkas, hats, gloves and well, perhaps a few pounds. It’s a natural instinct to battle the cold of winter months with a buildup of “reserves,” but few of us actually spend our days in the elements hunting and gathering anymore...unless you count the... CONTINUE READING 16

10 "Firsts" On the Way from Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship

If you've ever found yourself in the beginning of a new relationship, wondering whether or not it's getting serious, then you need to know the telltale signs that you're moving in the right direction for him to put a ring on it (or, er, at least a Facebook official). compiled a list of 10 very true "firsts" that you... CONTINUE READING 17

Five Signs You Need a Career Makeover

1. Your biggest concern at work is trying to cover up the hours you’re logging stalking exes on Facebook and searching for the perfect dream-home décor. 2. Asking where you see yourself in five years elicits the same response as “Who was the 16th president?”… No effing clue. 3. Opportunities for advancement are as maxed out as your credit cards. 4. If it... CONTINUE READING 10

Get On The Quest To Find "The Ones"

When you hear someone talking about “Finding the One,” odds are that you think about love. Finding a person with whom to build a happy and harmonious life together, complete with romance, marriage (or not), children and holding hands, while you stroll into the sunset of life. Most of us have been, at one point in our lives, on a... CONTINUE READING 10

Labor Day Party Etiquette for Hostesses from Hospitality Expert Emillio Mesa

Now that you’ve sent out the invitations, chosen a theme and bought the decorations (see Emillio’s tips on planning and cooking for the perfect Labor Day party), it’s time to brush up on your party etiquette. Do you fancy yourself little Miss Manners? Well, see hospitality expert Emillio Mesa’s party dos, and tell us if you agree! A Labor Day weekend... CONTINUE READING 15

Surround Yourself With People Who Have Your Best Interest In Mind

As we've demonstrated throughout the month of August on, community, especially girlfriend community, is everything! Read more from The Daily Love on why who you surround yourself with is so important, and stay tuned on for our National Girlfriend Awards Presented by Shecky's winners this coming Wednesday. If you want to see a preview of your future, look... CONTINUE READING 17

Perfect Pumps for a Girls Night Out

A girls night out should make you feel like royalty and cause every head in the room to turn—but it can all come down to the shoes. Not to fret, because we’ve found the perfect heels to make your footsies look fabulous and eye-catching on your next night on the town! Even more fitting since our Girls Night Out fall... CONTINUE READING 31

What Crime Would You Commit?

Okay, so there are some crimes that are terrible and inexcusable. But, what if you could commit a fun crime and get away with it? Don't know what we mean? In honor of today's Partner-in-Crime Girlfriend (have you voted in the National Girlfriend Awards yet?), see some of the crimes our Staffers would commit if there was a zero-percent chance... CONTINUE READING 11

Famous Old-School Friend Duos

We all know women tend to travel in packs (blame society, genetics and Sex and the City). While we love having a group of girlfriends, even the closet groups of gals tend to pair up into duos; the best of the best friends. She's the girlfriend you dial first when you scored your dream job...and the friend you text when... CONTINUE READING 16