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Ever wonder what happens to minor characters (sometimes major, if the cast is too large!) when all the plot-lines involve fan favorites? If you’re anything like us, you know that sometimes the characters who get less screen time are the best part of the show! And we’re totally sick of wondering where they go and when (or if!) they’ll be... CONTINUE READING 15


We love our television shows, but they definitely know how to skew our perception of reality. From docu-reality series to comedies to dramas, television relationships show us all the “what-ifs” we try to avoid thinking about. Here’s a few reasons we think that all these television relationships are impacting ours. 1. Drama, drama, drama! Not every relationship is sunshine and butterflies but... CONTINUE READING 15


There’s a negative connotation with the idea of being with younger men. And the show Cougar Town certainly puts our flirting-with-the-pool-boy fantasies to shame. However, there’s a reason why shows like Cougar Town, which focuses on older women dating younger men, are so successful. Here’s a few reasons why there’s no shame in dating a younger guy. 1. You’re the Teacher Tag... CONTINUE READING 3


Glee's Santana and Brittany broke up during Thanksgiving. Ouch. Well, there’s never a good time to break it off with someone, but if you’ve had the pleasant misfortune of going through a break up with someone right around the holidays, you know that it totally sucks. Completely. If you’ve been broken up with around the holiday season before, you know... CONTINUE READING 19


by Martin York Chances are, you’re not going to need a big high-def TV for your wedding, no matter how good the price. But there may be other Black Friday deals you can use for your big day, which is part of the reason why you and your besties will be shivering outside a store waiting for it to open. If... CONTINUE READING 14


by Romy Roloff Age is just a number, they say. And love is blind, right? Like Monica and Richard from Friends, it shouldn't matter if an older guy wants to date a younger woman. Or if a 40-something woman is seeing a 32-year- old man, for that matter. However, couples that have a big gap in ages between them can sometimes... CONTINUE READING 14

Your Late 20s feature image

Being in your late 20’s is awesome. Stop freaking out about “being old” or about how you’re now closer to your 30’s. Seriously, shut up. These are the best years of your life, so stop bitching about it and go enjoy yourself. - Romy Roloff Your early 20’s are exciting; you’re finally not a TEEN anymore and you can... CONTINUE READING 16

Dating a man with kids

It happens. Some of us have kids with someone we can’t just make it work with. And sometimes, we enter relationships in which our partner has kids of his own. While some people may frown upon it or have general hesitations, some of us are willing to make it work. Here are some things to consider when dating a fella... CONTINUE READING 6

Faithful but flirty

Sometimes flirting is healthy. Knowing that we've "still got it" can be a nice ego-boost, but drawing the line between flirty and cheating is important. There's a difference between giggling at someone's joke a little too hard and explicitly telling someone how good he or she looks with a pair of "get at me" eyes.  We've all played these games.... CONTINUE READING 4

Rejuvenate Your Sex Life in a Long Term Relationship

Long-term relationships can get tricky. After the hassle of a busy schedule, finding time to be intimate without being exhausted can be difficult. Some avoid sex altogether if he or she doesn't want to insult the other by waiting for the act to be "over with." Others don't want to be embarrassed by trying something new and failing horrendously. The... CONTINUE READING 4