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You're a Trendy Man, Charlie Brown: 7 Cool Chevron Looks

Usually when we think of chevron stripes, an image of lovable loser Charlie Brown comes to mind and his iconic yellow and black chevron shirt. But just because your best friend isn't a beagle named Snoopy and you can actually hear adults when they speak doesn't mean that you can't pull of chevron just as well as the Peanuts originator.... CONTINUE READING 7

Style Tips Taken From Childhood Toys

Some may look to Kate (Moss or Middleton) for style inspiration, but I’ve been finding that some of today’s trends can be easily traced back to my childhood…toys. We’ve already told you that cartoons and literary characters account for some of our current faves in clothing, but see why the tinkers you used as a tot might be of use... CONTINUE READING 8

Pieces to Perfect Your Professional Look

Let’s face it: looking fashionable in the workplace can sometimes be a struggle. The right pieces help you look chic but the wrong ones are just eek! Whether you’re a professor or a politician, what you wear makes a statement about you. I’ve found a list of amazing accents to complement whatever career path you’re on. FASHION: If you’re a fashionista,... CONTINUE READING 13

Girlie Bar Accessories to Beautify Your Boozing

If "drink accessories" scream old men sipping scotch and smoking pipes to you, I've got good news: there's a slew of girlie bar stuff out there just waitin' for us ladies to snap up. Get your sip on and look glam at the same time with everything from snazzy shot glasses to cool wine bottle openers. -Nicole DeBari Having a party? This... CONTINUE READING 9

"Have to Have" Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Your Girlfriends

V-Day is almost here, so even if the sight of pink-and-red candies, faux flowers and cutesy teddy bears makes you less than thrilled, there are still some people in your life you've gotta show the love for—your girlfriends! So, we've compiled a list of lovely li'l presents—ranging in price from $2 to $20, and including everything from growable boyfriends to... CONTINUE READING 5


The perfect statement clutch doesn't always have the right amount of space for all of the essentials. Is it possible to fit flats, a New Year's crown, an eyelash curler and your iPhone in one chic bag? Probably not. But you can pack a few emergency items for New Year's Eve (or the next morning) in even the tiniest bag... CONTINUE READING 10

10 Cool Candles We're Wishing For

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. We just mentioned that it’s our 10th birthday, and although birthday desserts may change per your preference (cupcakes, cakes, cookies?!), everyone’s gotta... CONTINUE READING 33

Cute & Covert Home-Cleaning Items

Today is all about going undercover, and what’s something we always want to get rid of? Messes. Whether it’s a pile of ant-attracting crumbs, dirty dishes or a heap of unruly clothes, cleaning things up doesn’t have to be a drag when you’ve got cute items to help you do it. The following five house-cleaning items are incognito and adorable... CONTINUE READING 27