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It’s the Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers -- right? Even if you don’t know anything about football, throwing a party for one of the biggest TV events of the year can make the game sooo much more enjoyable. We’ve put together this little guide so you can make this the most memorable Super Bowl yet (without missing those awesome... CONTINUE READING 9

10 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

Oh, summer, how your brutal days and mosquito infested nights have made us loathe you. Though beach days, frozen margaritas and rooftop shindigs make for an undeniably awesome time, there’s nothing like taking a walk without being drenched in sweat or suffering from the dreaded chub rub, sifting through bills without obscene air conditioning charges or cozying up with a... CONTINUE READING 9

Top 10 Most Fashionable Athletes

Professional athletes are some of the most impressive specimens out there—they have those superhuman bodies capable of accomplishing physical feats that most of us can't even dream of (hell, we can barely lift a dumbbell!). The best in their field, these sports stars are always in impeccable shape and have amazing bodies that look almost as fabulous in clothes as... CONTINUE READING 22

Super Savings for Your Super Bowl Party

So you’ve decided to host the annual Super Bowl party at your house this year—yay! You're super-excited...but then you start calculating how much you'll need for party supplies, food and decor. Before you drop the ball (and major dough!) on this one, it’s actually just as easy to satisfy all of your guests’ needs but still keep money in your pocket and... CONTINUE READING 7

Score Winning Super Bowl Style

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and you may already have the party planned, and the recipes all ready to go, but do you know what you’re, er, sporting yet? Before you wear your boyfriend’s oversized jersey from 1995 or just your regular clothes, why not add some serious kick to your style? I’ve got five ways to show your team... CONTINUE READING 8

Kick Your Super Bowl Party Off Right

Reeeeematch! The New York Giants are set to meet the Pats at the Super Bowl for the second time in less than five years, and the action between these Northeast teams is sure to be exciting! Even if you can’t tell the difference between a tight end and a safety, you can still make your Super Bowl bash a win... CONTINUE READING 5

Super Bowl Recipes for All Appetites

Football fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday is when you can splurge on finger foods and gooey dips that are usually off limits. Whoever you’re rooting for (or if you’re just watching for the commercials and to see what Madonna will do), these recipes will help you create a menu that any type of guest, even the... CONTINUE READING 4

5 Really Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Yikes! Halloween is Monday, but I'm sure you're getting some serious partying in this weekend. If you’ve been too busy to get a costume (or just got invited to yet ANOTHER celebration and the one you wore last night won't do), fear not! Here are some last-minute ideas that can be easily put together with stuff you have, before you... CONTINUE READING 9

"Sports Widows" Who Turned their Plight into a Site

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? It's a beautiful fall Sunday, and you can't wait to see some foliage with your fella. But, per usual, your man heads out to hang with his pals and watch Sunday's football games instead. What's a girl to do? For girlfriends Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso the obvious answer was to start a... CONTINUE READING 7

10 Things You Really Shouldn't Do at a Sports Event

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. With the World Series getting closer, football season in full swing and hockey just starting up, October is a big month for... CONTINUE READING 11