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by Courtney A. Levia If an Oscars viewing party is totally in the works this weekend, get the good times rolling with these 10 tasty cocktails. Inspired by the best of Tinseltown, we’ve got everything from grownup margaritas, to actress inspired (yup, we got one for JLaw) juicers. So whether you’re entertaining for 10 or planning on watching the show alone... CONTINUE READING 27

Green Food Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

While you may have had the best of intentions, it’s possible you may not have stuck to that "less brownies" resolution you made back in January. Since spring is marching closer—bringing us one step closer to bikini season—and today is St. Patrick's Day, it only seems appropriate to get healthy with good-for-ya green foods! -Tai Nycole Harriss Healthy eating doesn’t always have... CONTINUE READING 22


We're not all Martha Stewart, but with a bit of practice you can learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes just like the pros do. We're not saying it'll be easy (some of us aren't so good at hand-eye coordination), but with a few tips and tricks you can be on your way to mastering the art of frosting. -Natalie... CONTINUE READING 8


Having the gang over to ring in the new year? Rather than spending the final hours of 2012 slaving away over the stove cooking a full-blown meal for everybody, it's way more doable and enjoyable to serve up a scrumptious, diverse spread of hors d'oeuvres, perfect party bites made for munching one-handed while the other tips back a celebratory cocktail.... CONTINUE READING 8

Halloween BOO-zing: 7 Spiked & Spooky Cocktails

You've got your food menu down pat for your Halloween bash, so now you need a little something refreshing, delicious and, of course, festive to wash it all down with! We've got spooktacular spirits for all your boo-zing pleasures this Halloween, from witches' brews to candy-flavored cocktails to some bloody good martinis. Whatever your poison, you'll definitely have a happy... CONTINUE READING 6

Go For The Gold: Throw Your Own Olympics Viewing Party

Finally, the most buzz-worthy weeks of summer are here—the 2012 Summer Olympics! Not only do we have to thank the games for letting us see sexy Speedo-sporting men compete for blinging medals, but these next two weeks are going to be filled with parties, cheering and, of course, some serious American pride! From festive decorations to fun themed treats to... CONTINUE READING 15

Healthy Twists on Bad-For-You Sweets

It’s hard to give up on those deliciously fattening desserts altogether if you’re looking to drop a couple of lbs before bikini season. So, don’t just quit cold turkey! You can still satisfy that sweet tooth with low-fat treats that taste just like the real deal. Forget that whole "half the calories is half the taste" spiel—these treats are so... CONTINUE READING 14

Fun Twists on St. Patrick's Day Fare

The phrase we so often hear around St. Patrick's Day, "Luck of the Irish," definitely applies to the eats from Ireland. But, it's likely that not all of us are gonna sit down to an all-out traditional feast come March 17. See some updated takes on the usual Irish food to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! -Kenia Mazariegos Unlike regular bready sandwiches, Taste... CONTINUE READING 4

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Menu

Like Mom always said, “If you can cook for a man, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand!” This Valentine’s Day, perhaps the best gift you could give is a home-cooked meal for two...especially if you're one of those anti-Hallmark types that hasn't booked a restaurant rezzie. It's more budget-friendly and infinitely more intimate to eat... CONTINUE READING 6

Heart-Shaped Sweets to Show Love for Valentine's Day

On a super-teeny budget for Valentine’s Day this year and don’t know what to gift your beau? Or, don’t have a guy but do have a million people in your life who could use a token of appreciation? Edible treats are a cost-effective way to show your love on February 14th. My recipe picks run the gamut and—bonus!—they’re all heart-shaped... CONTINUE READING 9