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Southern Comforts: Down-Home Snacks & Sips

The weathers getting nicer and we’re whippin’ out those tanks the gals down south have been sporting for weeks now. It’s hard not to crave a little taste of that good ol' Southern cuisine when the sun's shining bright as a southern star. Let's share a taste of what our gals at Girls Night Out Atlanta have every day with... CONTINUE READING 19

Strange (but Scrumptious) Recipes

Today is opposite day at Shecky’s (really!), so I’ve compiled a few completely curious recipes that seem strange at first glance, but actually taste delicious. Spicy-hot ice cream, pizza for breakfast…in a cup, and cold soup with parmesan ice cream? True story, and they’re all scrumptious! -Cait Rohan Breakfast pizza is a new spin on two usuals, but amp the oddness up a... CONTINUE READING 13

Perfect Fourth of July Steaks

Summer (specifically the Fourth of July!) is the perfect time for grilling and chilling, and while it’d be super easy to focus all of your grilling attention on burgers and dogs today, we’re coming at you with some grilled steak recipes, ideal for the warmer temps...especially any potential barbecues you might be hosting today/this evening! Bold marinades, refreshing salads and... CONTINUE READING 11

Alcohol-Infused Eats

I’ve got a confession—I like to eat and I like to drink. And by drink, I’m talking beer, wine and cocktails, not Kool Aid. As for eating? I had better be satisfied there too. Get the best of both worlds when you combine the two in the following recipes, each of which uses some sort of alcohol as an ingredient. -Cait... CONTINUE READING 18


The scent of new blossoms is in the air, bringing with it the promise of summer days, warm nights and a fabulous excuse to host a killer party. So rub on the SPF, book the mani-pedi, and check out these top five party-planning sites to host the soiree that will have people uploading Facebook pics for days. Psst: Celebrate our... CONTINUE READING 11