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Maybe it’s your first fight, maybe it’s your 50th... Regardless, when you and your man disagree, it can be a very hurtful experience. Don’t worry, though, because we have four steps that you can use to feel like you’re friends again, and might even help you fight less often (really!). -Natalie Brown 1) Realize that you don’t have to be right. This... CONTINUE READING 9

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love Miami Answers Our Questions: Part 5

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love is giving us the scoop on relationships and men, and telling us if we should "date or ditch" our dudes. What is the ultimate sign that a relationship is doomed? A. When you start talking about your problems in public…when you start airing your dirty laundry and people can smell it, you will clear a room out. Want to know if you should "Date or... CONTINUE READING 9

When True Love Turns Toxic

True love can be all-consuming—and sometimes it’s a good thing to lose yourself in another person, so long as it’s all happy. But what about ‘true love’ gone bad? In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, one Staffer tells us how a tough relationship made her stronger. “Like every other little girl, I ate up every Disney movie and love story,... CONTINUE READING 36

Sharing Money with Your Man

Armed with detailed spreadsheets and statements—I recently had the “let’s combine our finances” talk with my new fiancé. Gulp. Despite past conversations about our income levels—I earn more—and some other issues, we’d never really bared our financial souls. But we wanted to get our finances in sync before the wedding next August. I was so nervous that my palms were sweaty. My own... CONTINUE READING 10

4 Ways to Sabotage a Relationship

Have you ever felt the relationship you were in was too good to be true? How about the feeling that you didn't deserve all of this happy love? And then, you started over-thinking, second-guessing and building the fear factor that eventually ate away at your relationship? If you answered yes to the questions above, you might be a relationship saboteur. A... CONTINUE READING 21

Dating a Guy from the Other Side of the Tracks

We like to think we live in a classless society, but the harsh truth is that class divides still remain. And nowhere can this be a bigger issue than in our dating lives, where intimate topics like lifestyle and finances can sometimes make or break a relationship. I realized I had been dating within my class when I started seeing my... CONTINUE READING 16

10 "Firsts" On the Way from Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship

If you've ever found yourself in the beginning of a new relationship, wondering whether or not it's getting serious, then you need to know the telltale signs that you're moving in the right direction for him to put a ring on it (or, er, at least a Facebook official). compiled a list of 10 very true "firsts" that you... CONTINUE READING 17

Going on Vacation: the Relationship Maker or Breaker

Summertime is prime travel season, and there’s nothing like taking a vacation with a significant other. I recently went camping with my boyfriend. The idea of spending a long weekend shower-less in upstate New York’s wilderness sounded pretty appealing to me at first. I’d hiked most of New York’s high peaks region, so I was used to getting dirty and being outdoors.... CONTINUE READING 51

Do Men Prefer “Easy-Going” or “Bossy” Women?

QUESTION: Sent via our form: I'm a really easy-going person, BUT I feel like it works against me in relationships—for example, I let him pick the date spots, I'll wait till he makes the first move.... Do guys prefer this type of girl or are they more into bossy women? Is there some such thing as the “perfect” balance? ANSWERS: Mr. Sensitive and Scientific SEE... CONTINUE READING 24


The area of money in relationships is a good place to learn about the role feelings play in our lives. Kathlyn and I have had literally thousands of conversations about money, due to the fact that more people come in for coaching about money in their relationships than for sex, parenting or other big issues. In the early days of our... CONTINUE READING 8