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by Courtney A. Leiva If a summer vacation isn't  in the cards for you this year, perhaps a well-deserved spa day can be in the works instead! For the rest and relaxation that you truly deserve, turn to any of these ten luxurious spa treatments for the perfect summer escape. 1. Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon European Facial For one hour and fifteen... CONTINUE READING 14

8 Weirdest, Most WTF Beauty Products Ever

Oh the lengths women will go to for beauty. We stuff ourselves into skin tight jeans, subject ourselves to plastic surgery, we wear sky high heels that hurt like hell and we will try anything to get rid of a pimple without leaving a scar. But those things don't even scratch the surface of the countless outlandish beauty products marketed... CONTINUE READING 15

DIY Massages You Can Do At Your Desk

A nice quality massage probably sounds really nice right now, but in the comfort of your own office? No way! Believe it or not, a simple facial massage can help alleviate stress, fatigue and signs of aging. Shaking off the idea that massages are strictly salon only, these easy massage techniques ensure salon quality results for half of the salon... CONTINUE READING 10

Five Spa Treatments You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Looking for some much-needed me time? Some primping and pampering at the spa should do the trick! The 16th annual Spa Week kicks off today and salons across the country are offering up some of the hottest spa treatments for just $50 from April 16th-22nd! If you think a day at the spa is merely a standard facial and massage, think again!... CONTINUE READING 7

DIY Remedies for Winter Beauty Problems

When winter weather begins to take a toll on your hair, face and skin, it's beauty products to the rescue! ...But too bad holiday shopping sprees and drinks with the girls already wiped out your bank account. Don't fret! Since we’re totally beauty-obsessed these days with our Beauty at Its Best Awards and we want you to look fabulous no... CONTINUE READING 14

Throw a Pampering Party at Spas Across the U.S.

The only thing better than a day of pampering is spending it with your BFFs! Luxurious spa services plus great pals are just the ticket for any stressed-out chica to really be able to unwind. So whether it’s your birthday, a treat for your bridal party or “just because,” take a look at some of our Beauty at Its Best... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlfriend Fun Guide: Los Angeles

We can’t wait to take our GNO event to L.A., where stars are in the sky, in the streets and on the sidewalks! Not only are we pumped to bring our Goodie Bags and vendors to La La Land, but seeing our Cali cuties is always a blast. You Shecksters are the reason why it’s called the City of Angels,... CONTINUE READING 11

Girlfriend Fun Guide: The Hamptons

The Hamptons are a great summer escape because of their close proximity to New York City but completely cute and quaint vacation vibe. No matter what part of town you visit, we’ve got some favorites you absolutely have to check out. Not sure when you can make it? Check out Girls Day Out Hamptons and make a weekend of it! To... CONTINUE READING 21

Spa Packages for You and Mom!

Mom deserves to be pampered…always, but on Mother’s Day especially! Why not turn your gift into a mother-daughter bonding experience by opting for a spa package perfectly suited for you and your ultimate She’ll love the chance to spend time with you, and to be able to relax while doing so? Ahh-mazing. -Lynden Halpern What mom doesn't deserve and love decadent... CONTINUE READING 8


January means a fresh start and resolutions for 2011. This year, I am seriously committing to a healthier me—inside and out! I have loads on my to-do list, and I’m sharing everything with you in a four-week series throughout the month of January. Week two is all about resolutions to better my skin. See how I’m putting my freshest face (and... CONTINUE READING 21