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By Courtney Leiva Cat eyes always make a classic beauty staple, so if you’re looking to try out this timeless look, we’ve got 12 ferociously feline liners that will surely do the trick. Whether you prefer precise lining pens or smudgeable lining sticks, check out some of our crush-worthy favorites below. Eyeliner In Sharp Black Merle Norman Pro Pen Eyeliner In Sharp Black... CONTINUE READING 6

10 Best Medal-Worthy Olympic Beauty Looks (So Far!)

We know, we know, we're supposed to be paying attention to the awe-inspiring athletic feats the Olympians have been accomplishing all week, but our beauty-obsessed brains can't get past the oh-so-cool braids, bold lips, patriotic nails and fabulous buns (mind out of the gutter people, we're talking hair!) that the athletes have been seen sporting throughout the games. Ryan Lochte's... CONTINUE READING 19

Six Makeup Mistakes You Could Be Making

So you think you’re an invincible beauty guru, huh? You have an extensive makeup collection, mastered every technique known to man that involves liquid eyeliner and can navigate an eyeshadow palette like it’s nobody’s business. However, you could be making amateur mistakes that are sooo Beauty 101. Here are six makeup mistakes you could be unknowingly making and tip 'n'... CONTINUE READING 18

Stash Your Savings: Multi-Use Beauty Products

Okay, I’ll admit it…saving money has never been my strongest suit. The good news is, I’m getting better. I am also revisiting some of my favorite multi-use beauty products. Using one product for my lips and cheeks means I don’t have to buy two separate products and can save my money on the important things; like paying student loans and... CONTINUE READING 26

Neutrals in the Hot, Hot Hamptons

Shecky’s is taking over the Hamptons this weekend, offering Wine Getaways and Girls Day Out tomorrow! While summer undoubtedly has us lusting after bright hues and pops of color, the Hamptons also remind us of subtle-toned, sandy beaches. Check out five neutral, sand-inspired picks that will be available at Saturday’s event. -Lynden Halpern Before you can enjoy the sand between your toes, you... CONTINUE READING 18

Big (and Small) Screen Beauty

While I’m not the biggest movie or TV buff, I always get super excited when I see makeup collections based off of popular TV shows and movies. It’s just another reminder that the beauty industry is on their A-game when it comes to pop culture. Check out some of the best Sephora finds inspired by your favorite big (and small)... CONTINUE READING 11

Claudia's Picks: Washington, D.C.

What's a major spring trend that is incidentally a color majorly associated with Washington, D.C.? White! Girls Night Out Washington, D.C. will take over the nation’s capital on March 29 & 30 with some white-hot white items for spring! 1. Pearls of various sizes adorn the Pearl Bangle (Retail Price: $35, Shecky’s Price: $25) by Cynirje. Whether worn with a simple day... CONTINUE READING 19

Best Makeup for Newbies

New to makeup? It’s okay, girlfriend, not all of us were born with lipsticks in our cribs. While being a makeup newbie can be loads of fun, a lot of ladies spend a ton of money on glitzy and pretty products that they just don’t know how to use. I’ve compiled a list of five of the best makeup brands... CONTINUE READING 11

Happy President’s Day, Dallas (And Everyone)!

What’s red, white, blue and fun all over? President’s Day, of course! Today is one of the most patriotic days of the year, and even if you don't have a day off to celebrate, Girls Night Out Dallas will keep the pursuit of happiness going all week long with the picks below. See our top five and, er, vote on your... CONTINUE READING 6

Love/Hate Valentine's Day Beauty

For some of us, Valentine’s Day is filled with love, pink and red hearts, tons of candy, and over-the-top accessories. But in the corner of a dark room, sits us Valentine’s Day haters. Don’t fret, lovelies. I’ve got a list of products, perfect for whichever side you're on. For the Lovers: Deck your nails with a pink and glittery show-stopping top coat.... CONTINUE READING 18

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