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by Mallory Feeney Damn it, the butterflies are back and you’ve started seeing your ex, again. It’s like starting fresh again… right? It’s nice to be back in his company and things are going to be different this time around…right? Even though you might have vowed to never ever ever get back together—to cite someone who is completely familiar with make-ups... CONTINUE READING 17


Whether you’ve been together for a few years or a few months, let’s face it: it’s always awkward when your boyfriend talks to his ex. Their relationship can be as casual as still being friends on Facebook or it can be a little less comforting, like monthly meetups for drinks and lunch. Unfortunately, we draw terrible conclusions from all those shows... CONTINUE READING 7


For Mad Men fans, the fact that Season 6 has been a pot of drama is not news. Whether we're watching Ken Cosgrove get unceremoniously Cheneyed in the face by a trigger-happy GM executive, or Sally Draper catching her Dad red-handed in his scummy acts, the show definitely satisfies our need for suspense. So as we started getting ready for this Sunday's... CONTINUE READING 6


After yet another horrid single holiday season of showing up solo to festive fetes and smooching the wrong guys under the mistletoe, we’re definitely ready to revamp our dating life for the new year. If your 2012 was riddled with bad dates, bogus guys or one too many spinster nights spent home sobbing to Love Actually for the millionth... CONTINUE READING 16

Match the TaySwift Song to the Ex It's About

Half the fun of listening to Taylor Swift’s new album is trying to decipher which song is about which ex-boyfriend. The singer songwriter has made an entire career out of calling out ex-boyfriends with the world as her audience, so any guy who dates Taylor better be on top of his game. Or else! We believe her songs should be... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Weird Things to Do With Your Wedding Ring After Divorce

Still holding on to your old wedding ring, even though the divorce was finalized years ago? Well, you could sell it to a pawn shop, throw it in a river or give it back. . . Yep—booooring. Ladies, if you’re feeling creative or particularly wronged, listen up! Here are a few weird and slightly crazy ways that women (and men)... CONTINUE READING 25

Foolproof Ways to Get Out Of A Dating Emergency

It’s happened to the best of us–you’re on a date, trying to chat and chew at the same time, when a piece of your food goes flying out of your mouth and over to the other side of the table. OMG! Did he see? Should you apologize? Should you pretend it didn’t happen? Whether it’s spitting half your dinner back... CONTINUE READING 7

Suddenly Single? 8 Ways to Rebuild, Renew & Reinvigorate Your Life

Here are two facts we unequivocally know about every breakup: 1) They hurt like hell, and 2) You always get over them. Wouldn’t it be dreamy though if you could just hurry up and get to the “over it” part? If you could start moving forward right away? You can! Follow these tips to help you rebuild, renew and reinvigorate... CONTINUE READING 10

10 Celeb Couples Who Worked Together After Breaking Up

Sure, the Twilight saga may be all filmed and ready to go, but that doesn’t mean that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s jobs are over once the director yells “cut!” No, Robsten still has a lengthy press tour ahead of them, made super awkward now that word hit of Stewart’s cheating on her on-and-off screen boyfriend with her Snow White... CONTINUE READING 7

Give Yourself an Inner Makeover Post-Breakup

Recently single? Congratulations! Yes, that’s right—congratulations! Wrenching heartache aside, we think breakups rock. After all, when else do you have the opportunity for deep reflection, soul work and re-ignition? When else can you stare in the mirror and decide, 'today is the day I begin to think about love differently'? At The BreakUP Club, we believe that sometimes in love,... CONTINUE READING 17

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