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For TV lovers, it's the most wonderful time of the year—the Emmys! Tomorrow night, stars of the small screen will take to Nokia Theater in their designer best in the hopes of taking home that coveted gold statue, and the rest of us will be watching to see if our favorite TV shows win big come Sunday night. If you're... CONTINUE READING 3

Spice It Up: Cool Takes on Chili

While it’s not the coldest winter we’re having this year, chili is still a top comfort food when the weather outside gets even a little yucky. Another reason to enjoy a piping-hot bowl of this protein-filled stuff? The Super Bowl is this coming Sunday, and it’s a fan (and foodie!) favorite. Check out five fun twists on the usual beans... CONTINUE READING 2

Fancy Takes on Classic Comfort Foods

Even though we’ve been faced with wacky temps of late, it’s still kinda cold and everyone’s still after wintry comfort foods. But instead of reliving your childhood through a boring ol’ white-bread PB&J, why not up the ante with fancy takes on comforting classics? Sure, some of these stray from that New Year’s Diet you’re on…or not (er, I hope... CONTINUE READING 10


After a month plus of bad eating and boozing, it's time to detox your diet and get your health back on track. Before you go on an all-salad diet, take a look at some of our healthy options below. They'll purge those toxins and taste good doing it! -Jasmine Frazier If you want to have a well-balanced dinner dish with plenty of... CONTINUE READING 18

Here's to Your Health: Better-for-You Holiday Bubbly

Clink! I’m sure you’ll be cheersing a lot this holiday season, but it stinks when the glass you’re toasting with is filled with a seriously-bad-for-you beverage (calories, sugar and fat, oh my!). Check out these four better-for-you champagne-based cocktails, and one alcohol-free bubbly bev I heart (pssh, hangovers totally add to the already ever-present holiday “puff” you’ve got going on). -Cait... CONTINUE READING 4

10 Kicked-Up Chocoholic Treats

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. September 13 (this coming Tuesday!) is International Chocolate Day and since chocolate is a perennial birthday party treat, I thought... CONTINUE READING 28

Bacon-Infused Dishes for Labor Day

Summer may be coming to a close, but I’m excited about one thing—since I’m not required to wear a bikini anymore, I can go back to indulging in some treats a little bit more liberally. And, because the Saturday before Labor Day is International Bacon Day, I’m going to celebrate accordingly with bacon-infused eats. Here are five of my faves... CONTINUE READING 17

Perfectly Pressed Sammies for National Panini Month

August is National Panini Month! In celebration of this scrumptious month-long holiday, I'm taking my taste buds on a vacation with five delicious pressed sandwiches. See below for my faves, and speaking of delicious recipes, don't forget to vote for the best Haute Hostess Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards! -Cait Rohan Ham and cheese is probably the most basic and beloved... CONTINUE READING 10

5 Challenging Recipes (and How to Make Them!)

Today, we’re celebrating our Haute Hostess Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards. While there are those of us who can burn frozen waffles in a toaster, the Haute Hostess Girlfriend is known for her carefully crafted and sinfully delicious culinary concoctions. But, then there are some dishes so complicated that even Betty Crocker could screw them up. Below, I'm bringing... CONTINUE READING 23

Christmas in July Desserts

Ho, ho, ho...t temperatures may be here for a while, but there’s a fun and easy way to cool off just a tad. How? Pretend it’s Christmastime (think: below-freezing temps, three inches of snow, dangling icicles…)—all of the following five Noel nibbles have a cool, summery spin. Hey, they say that Santa’s always watching, so spreading the cheer early will... CONTINUE READING 29