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by Joann Vaglica Becoming engaged can get quite overwhelming, but before you start looking for something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, take into consideration the many factors of life as a married couple. What will remain the same and what will change? They say you can’t hurry love, so when is the right time to get married? Why You Should... CONTINUE READING 13


You’ve been dating for what seems like a long time now (a year, two years, six years...all couples are different), and you think that you and your significant other might actually make it, might actually last. Maybe you live together, maybe you’re just spending the weekend every now and then. You think he might pop the question, but you haven’t... CONTINUE READING 4

Celeb Engagement Rings We Would’ve Said No To

All right, so I’m the one who wrote that taking close-up pics of your engagement ring is tacky, but I’ve got another bone to pick (ah, the parade of cheesy V-Day proposals so inspired me!). The issue at, er, hand here: when bad rings happen to uber-famous people who have all the money in the world to buy/personalize one for... CONTINUE READING 64

So Your Ex is Engaged…

With all the engagements and engagement ring close-up photos we saw popping up on Facebook after the winter holidays and during Valentine's Day, chances are many of you saw the "good news" from an ex on your feed. Felt a tinge of jealousy, sadness, anger, awkwardness...whatever? Here's why and here's how to handle yourself by Lindsay Kriger of! There... CONTINUE READING 109

8 Budget-Smart Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Valentine's Day is around the corner and with the onslaught of engagements already after the holidays, everyone will be planning weddings...and bachelorette parties to go with 'em. Be it your sister or best friend, planning a bachelorette party isn’t easy—especially when trying to consider the bride’s wishes and everyone's wallet. Ultimately, money matters play a major role in where, when... CONTINUE READING 18


It was 1:30am last week and my best friend (who shall remain anonymous) Facebook chatted me with: “I’m really over seeing everyone posting their new engagement ring for the holiday season and sporting heinous hands, nails and shirt sleeves...don't post till your hand isn't like frikin Sasquatch, k thanks.” She has a great point. Over the past few days and weeks, my... CONTINUE READING 164

Worst Holiday Proposal Situations

Maybe I watch too many rom coms, but if you’re a girl like me, at one point or another you’ve daydreamed about opening a huge gift from your BF during the holidays—only to find a tiny box inside containing the most beautiful engagement ring! While it's cheesy and cliché, getting proposed to on Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa) can be... CONTINUE READING 18

2011's Top Celeb Engagements & Pretty Rings

While it's obviously been a cuh-razy year for celeb news, some of the most surprising headlines have been about engagements and super-sparkly rings. Ring in 2012 with us as we offer congrats (or, er, kondolences) to these betrothed babes...and get jeally about their bling. -Jasmine Frazier Most of us wonder what our engagements will be like, but few of us expect them... CONTINUE READING 7

Is Your Guy Ready to Propose this Season?

'Tis the season for resolutions, life changes and cozy coupledom. With the holidays and the new year on the horizon, you're thinking about the future and who you will be sharing your life with down the road. If you're in a serious relationship, a ring might even be in store for you this holiday season! But before you start naming your... CONTINUE READING 5

How Soon is Too Soon to Get Engaged?Engaged

It’s been announced that middle Kardashian sister Kim is now engaged to beau Kris Humphries of New Jersey Nets fame. The couple has been dating for a whopping six months (which actually is whopping in comparison to sister Khloe’s nine-day wedding plans) and Humphries surprised Kim with a 20.5-karat ring. Pretty standard, right? I know nothing should surprise me since all... CONTINUE READING 27

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