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Trend Alert: Totally Cool Textured Nails

This fall, your nails are getting a serious makeover! The neons, tie dyes and rainbows have been fun this summer, but this fall is all about texture. No more boring shiny surfaces and glossy coats—this fall, your nails can match your outfits with suede, velvet and even rubber finishes. Bejeweled surfaces and feathers will add a layer of depth to... CONTINUE READING 11

Five Nail Wraps You've Got to Try Now

Envious of the girl sitting next to you with those wild nail designs you know you could never do on your own? Simmer down gorgeous, before you go into a nail-hating fury, let nail wraps come to your aid. One of the most talked about beauty trends of the year, nails wraps are totally a notch above those nail stickers... CONTINUE READING 8