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A Money-Savvy Editor on Travel & Entrepreneurship

The economy has been tough for every industry, but journalism has been pretty hard hit. Factor a down economy with slashed jobs in with the switch to online journalism and decreased attention spans, and you've got a recipe for disaster. Or, do you? When seasoned writer/editor Sara Clemence learned she was about to be laid-off, she and two girlfriends started... CONTINUE READING 14

Editor for a Fashion & Pop Culture-Savvy Site

We know you've seen Sex and the City and Carrie's unabashedly posh life (luxe lunches, designer duds, crazy-cool NYC apartment), but the truth is that most fashion writers and editors are a leeeetle bit more down to earth...but still completely cool. We recently got the scoop on Jessica Misener, Editor-in-Chief of Check out Jessica's story! Jessica Misener Editor-in-Chief New York, NY What... CONTINUE READING 2

An Editor at a Share-Worthy Site

Let's get serious, ladies! Not all of our time spent at work is spent on, er, work (c'mon, what are you researching on today?). For some of the best share-worthy, work-distracting content out there, we always head to BuzzFeed. So what's it like to be an editor at this site? We got the scoop on viral marketing (see below... CONTINUE READING 4


The recent gay bullying has all of us thinking about what others might find less than perfect about ourselves, promoting a lesson in self-acceptance, self-worth and ultimately, truth. Cari Kamm’s documentary Lights. Camera...TRUTH promotes her book Fake Perfect Me. Kamm says: “Fake Perfect is the desire of wanting to be so accepted that you are more perfect at being fake... CONTINUE READING 29