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In this current economic climate, almost everyone I know is tightening their budgets. Some are cutting out their daily lattes or personal trainers, some are on a total spending hiatus and others are simply trying to decrease their grocery bills. The question is, how can you save money on groceries, in particular if you, like my family, eat healthy, organic and... CONTINUE READING 19


We could  and  we want, but something we sport every day always effects how sexy we feel—our hair. And what products we use to achieve that feel-so-foxy ‘do are just as important. For me, I love wearing my hair kinda messy with a bit of volume. There’s something about a slightly-controlled, devilishly disheveled bed-head look that makes me feel H-O-T. My... CONTINUE READING 47


Crave: Honey Oaties Cereal Price: Varies by stores and locations Company: Three Sisters Where to Buy: Whole Foods® Markets I discovered this sustainable cereal at Whole Foods which caught my eye immediately for three reasons: 1. It’s comes in a clear plastic bag that's reusable as a measuring cup—not your usual tree-eating box made of cardboard 2. The name “Three Sisters” because I love... CONTINUE READING 13


GirlieGirl Army has the scoop on green living...and delicious recipes. See this satisfying and so-good-for-you how-to. Here is an easy almond cheese spread recipe for you to take the edge off those feta cravings. It takes a couple of days to prepare, because you soak the almonds overnight, then allow the finished product to sit in the fridge for another night,... CONTINUE READING 13


[/caption] As soon as you emerge from that college apartment in a shady area or—worse yet—a dorm, and bid your Solo-cup-spilling roommates goodbye, it's time for your first real apartment. If you need some inspiration and great advice for decorating—whether it's your first apartment or your 10th— is your one-stop shop for delectable visuals on what other people have done to... CONTINUE READING 17


Does this situation sound familiar? Your friends, your man, your parents, invite themselves over last minute…and your place is an absolute mess. Keep these items handy to make last-minute guests happy…and your own life so much easier! Before You Clean: Go through your space room by room as a guest would—start in the front hallway, go to the living room, the... CONTINUE READING 19


For those of us who love to shop, the recent economic crunch has forced us to be more frugal when it comes to buying styles we love (sigh!). But with a little bit of creativity (and a lot of fun), you can add amazing pieces to your wardrobe without spending a penny (and going green, too!). Get some of your... CONTINUE READING 2

Go Green and Feel Great!

Happy Earth Day! So, we’ve given you FYIs on just about everything organic—, and how Shecky’s Staffers are going green—but we haven’t give you a guide to…greening your routine. There’s a reason Earth Day is in spring; everything’s a-blossoming and you’re aching to get outside. Here are some of our ideas on how to actively celebrate Earth Day AND... CONTINUE READING 1

April 22, 2010

'Tis the season to be entertaining! Gear up for summer and its numerous holidays to come (Mom’s Day, Memorial Day and all those fun summer shindigs), all while staying eco- and budget- friendly with these green tips. Invites Instead of sending wasteful Save the Dates and RSVPs, save trees by sending E-invitations. We adore 's life-like "stationery." Or, keep it... CONTINUE READING 2


Green, green, green...! With Earth Day tomorrow, we're pretty sure you know everything there is to know about right about now. But some of our fave eye looks on the runway were literally green. We're bringing you the best of both worlds with environmentally-friendly green shadows. A darker shade, like this sage Almay Pure Blends Eye Shadow ($7.50), is less... CONTINUE READING 6