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The Warmest Leggings Ever

The ladies of GirlieGirl Army are all about good-for-you items. From vegan takes on classic dishes to eco-friendly products, if it's green, the GirlieGirl girls know about it! This winter, they're spreading their knowledge in a whole new way in the form of leggings and hats made of super soft fleece and acrylic. Whether you're hanging around the house with... CONTINUE READING 9

Spotted at Girls Night Out: San Francisco

My name is Carlina Harris, and I'm the Fashion and Accessories Editor for—a fashion blog covering a wide span of trends, events, outerwear and innerwear. I recently stopped by Girls Night Out San Francisco...and here are my favorites! Cuffs: Forget statement necklaces, this season it’s all about dressing up those wrists. Whether they were sparkly and feminine, or made from... CONTINUE READING 7


In honor of Thanksgiving rapidly approaching in a mere nine days (eek!), we’ve decided to spread the wealth and introduce you to some fabulous and fresh brands that we’re thankful for. From the East Coast to the West, we couldn’t be more excited to share our finds with you. -Lynden Halpern WE ARE HERE Why We Love It: We’ve featured designer before... CONTINUE READING 6


Yet another delicious recipe from the green gals of GirlieGirl Army! Naan bread is the perfect accompaniment for dropping temperatures and a long winter of nights in. Impress your beau, bestie, roommate or...yourself (!) when you prepare this exotic recipe. NAAN Serves: 3 Time to Prepare: 25 minutes + 1 hour to rise INGREDIENTS: ¼ cup of warm water ½ tsp. yeast ¼ tsp. sugar ¾ cup of... CONTINUE READING 15


After returning to work from being sick all week, I dabbled with the thought of heading home and spending a night on the sofa. Then I checked my calendar and saw Shecky’s Girls Night Out. How could I miss it—especially since it was my first one? I headed over in search of accessories and the infamous Shecky’s Goodie Bag. Here's... CONTINUE READING 11


Halloween can be tough for vegan kiddies and grown-ups alike since much of the trick-or-treating candy given out at homes and schools is not vegan. Here are some quick tips to help make Halloween healthy and fun for all! Invisible Ghost Organic Lollipop, $2.39, Consult the VegNews Official Guide to Halloween Candy. This is a trust-worthy and very vegan comprehensive list of... CONTINUE READING 11


Name: Pumpkin Spice Candle, 10-oz. Jar Price: $12.95 for a 10-oz jar Designer: Bliss Soybean Candles & Gifts Where to Buy: Why: Discover a sweetly scented candle that's perfect for fall. I love decorating my home for the different seasons, and a candle that smells great is a must. I liked these candles even more when I found out they were started by a... CONTINUE READING 19


Growing up in New York City, my friends and I called Miami the sixth borough. A lot of my close girlfriends went to the University of Miami, so I've had the fortune of visiting and getting the lay of this party-land since my college days. A number of (undisclosed!) years have gone by, but it’s still my go-to for a four day getaway when I need... CONTINUE READING 13


We're still celebrating Women’s Small Business Month, so we wanted to spotlight some women who've taken that first lightbulb of an idea and worked away on it till it was reality, inspiring all of us to take action and do the same. We may throw Girls Night Outs across America, but we've included some finds from across the pond too.... CONTINUE READING 9


GirlieGirl Army has the scoop on green living...and delicious, healthy food finds. See their latest obsession—we're loving that it's a chocolate brand created by a woman (more celebration of Women's Small Business Month!). Read on. This chocolate trail mix is like crack. ...Or as addictive as life must be on the pipe…but the incredibly good for you version. Bet you are... CONTINUE READING 20