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- by Dominique Fernandez Eco-friendly fashion, more properly known as sustainable fashion, is a tremendously popular trend found under the umbrella of ‘sustainability’ or in more specific words, ‘sustainable design.’ Such an immense consideration for our environment and the impact that it has socially, has become increasingly accepted and therefore put into practice by designers ... CONTINUE READING 5


With all the marketing hype out there, it can be sooo hard to figure out which beauty products actually stick to eco-friendly designs and formulas. Fortunately, many companies have dedicated themselves to developing effective beauty products that make the earth happy, too. We used three criteria to determine what counts as eco-friendly for this roundup: 1) The packaging for the brand’s products... CONTINUE READING 11

Deck Out for Hanukkah with Chic Decor & DIYs

Happy (almost) Hanukkah! To get you ready for the Festival of Life, we've got holiday gear that's way more chic than the dusty old menorah your bubbe breaks out for the mantle year after year. From glitter-covered dreidels to clever wall art, DIY stamped table runners to gorgeous Hanukkah wreaths made entirely from recycled plastic bottles (really!), these haute holiday... CONTINUE READING 10

7 Sensational Celebrity Beauty Brands

Do you ever go to a makeup counter and ask the consultant if she can recommend you a mascara that will give you mega-watt lashes like your favorite celebrity? Or how about a bold lip color that will draw more attention than Taylor Swift with a new guy? Finally, celebrities are realizing that they have... CONTINUE READING 4

Shop for Sandy: 5 Beauty-Ful Ways To Give Back

Us Tri-State ladies have had one hell of a hard week! With most of the Northeast still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, beauty brands have been busy working their butts off to get much-needed aid to the affected areas. If you've been looking for ways to help out the relief efforts, here are five companies (including Shecky's itself!) that are donating... CONTINUE READING 3

8 Ways To Use Your Leftover Pumpkin

Once Halloween's over, you're left with a hangover, a candy coma and, oh yeah, a gigantic gourd that you have no idea what to do with. There's only so many pumpkin seeds you can toast or pumpkin soups you can slurp before you go berserk! To help, we've come up with eight new ways to use up those Jack-O-Lanterns that... CONTINUE READING 14

Girls Night Out Preview: New Fashions Hit New York

Once again, Shecky's is returning to New York City for a whirlwind weekend! We have tons of special vendors and designers lined up just for you and your girls, so get ready to sip some delicious cocktails and peruse fashionable loot that you won't be able to resist. Experience the Big Apple the right way (which is with your girlfriends... CONTINUE READING 18

How to Recycle Your Makeup

With a slew of products building up in our beauty closet, it’s a tragic, yet rare day when we’ve actually come to the end of an eyeshadow, compact or a tube of primer. You may be asking yourself what to do with that empty lipstick case, but one thing we advise you not to do is toss away that piece... CONTINUE READING 11

Spotted at: Girls Night Out Washington DC

I had the amazing pleasure of attending Shecky’s Girl’s Night Out in Washington, D.C. last week and let’s just say it was what every girl dreams of. I’m talking clothes, jewelry, hats, diet advice, homemade natural products, the list goes on and on! I picked some of my favorite vendors that I came across at GNO DC and decided to... CONTINUE READING 2

Girls Night Out Preview: Fab Night at the Museum

Gather the gals and gear up for a fabulous night at the museum—yes ladies, we're talking about Girls Night at the Museum! Join us at the Museum of the City of New York for a night of shopping, complimentary cocktails and quality time with your girlfriends while you take in the sights of New York City past and present. We're... CONTINUE READING 11