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Those sugary Easter treats may be tempting (hello, Peeps!) but if you’re searching for some healthier alternatives, look to these mouth-watering snacks to get you in the festive mood. From organic jelly beans to scrumptious fruit baskets, don’t worry! We’ve got your low-sugar needs covered. -Courtney Leiva Peeled Snacks Gently Dried Fruit ($2.20 per serving at Looking for the perfect... CONTINUE READING 6


Maybe you miss those egg hunts now that you’re no longer a kid, but grownups do get the best bonus of all: You get to make springy cocktails! These replace the freshly ground spices of wintertime with freshly squeezed juices and sliced veggies, and look beautiful served in a bell jar. Serve them with an Easter brunch or sip on... CONTINUE READING 14

Perfect Gifts for Every Spring Party

From tomorrow's Easter gatherings to outdoor dinner parties, spring brings all sorts of fun occasions. After all, there's nothing like kicking back with a refreshing drink in your hand, chatting with family, friends and maybe even meeting a new fling for spring while enjoying that warm spring weather. But whether the party takes place beachside, in a backyard or in... CONTINUE READING 5

DIY Easter Entertaining Tips

Easter’s hoppin’ up, just around the corner, and if you’ve been procrastinating getting your party plans together, have no fear—I’ve got all of your do-it-yourself Easter decorating, drinks and delicious snacks set. Sure, Easter may lack the prettily wrapped presents of Christmas or the costumed fun of Halloween, but these great Easter party ideas will definitely make for one hop-ping... CONTINUE READING 7


Whether you've been indulging in (read: gorging on) something you so selflessly sacrificed for 40 days, went a little buckwild now that Passover is...over, or are too easily forgetting that bikini season is on its way (hey, it's hard with the Jekyll and Hyde weather!), we're sure you need some healthy eating tips right now. Bob Greene and to the rescue... CONTINUE READING 9

Easter Egg Ideas for All

For the young and the young at heart alike, Easter egg decorating is a great spring pastime. Shame on you though if you think that the hobby is dated or tired, because has 20 ideas for decorating in a whole new way. From mirrors to glitter to egg pets, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to how... CONTINUE READING 7

Easter-Inspired Beauty

Despite the insane amount of pollen in the air, you have to admit, spring is pretty spectacular. It’s my favorite time of year simply because the Florida humidity isn’t as high. That and I always fall in love with springtime beauty trends, specifically those that have to do with Easter! I just can’t get enough of my LUSH Candy Fluff Egg... CONTINUE READING 12

Easter & Passover Apps: Okay or No Way?

Passover started at sundown last night, and Holy Week kicks off this Thursday and culminates this Sunday with Easter. These holidays are usually associated with family, religious ceremonies and some seriousness, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw the various apps launched for both Easter and Passover on Purchase the Passover Food Street App ($.99) for amazing, Passover-friendly... CONTINUE READING 4

A Beautiful Brunch Fit for Easter & Beyond

Easter will be here shortly, so whether in addition to a traditional dinner or instead of, why not host a brunch this year? The breakfast-lunch hybrid has become arguably the trendiest meal of the day, and with so many options for what to serve, how to decorate and even how to invite your guests, brunch seems like a no-brainer! Fear... CONTINUE READING 9

How to Choose Healthier Easter Candy

We already provided you with some great Easter dessert ideas, but if you're buying Easter treats instead, provides a complete rundown of what to go for and what to steer clear of this Easter. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, use this as a guide the next time you peruse the candy aisle. Chocolate in the shape of an... CONTINUE READING 11

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