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Survive All-Day Drinking on St. Patrick’s

A St. Paddy’s Day drinker’s worst fear this Saturday? Peaking at 2pm and missing out on the after-dark debauchery your friends will definitely stumble into. Don’t fret, there are ways to avoid double vision and a green face by mid-afternoon. Best part? These tricks fit right in your purse for easy access throughout the biggest drinking day of the year.... CONTINUE READING 7

Gifts to Greet Spring

Spring is coming and we need to be prepped to welcome it with open arms! Here are a few gifts to help you greet the season with a smile, whether you're buying for yourself or someone else. ORGANIZE: Keep your pretty going well past spring with Fossil's Key Per Frame Cosmetic Case ($35 on You can add all your new coral,... CONTINUE READING 10

Girls Night Out Preview: It's Always Sparkly in Philadelphia

What better way to get set for spring than by attending Girls Night Out Philadelphia (limited General Admission tickets still available)? With the new things spring brings, you'll want to glow, both inside and out! Here's how.... -Nicole DeBari The cherry-on-top finish for makeup? Your lips! This shimmering pink lip gloss, Nefertiti ($12) by Jaguar Luxury Cosmetics, will give your kisser the... CONTINUE READING 9

Modern-Day Style Inspired by Old-Hollywood Starlets

Now that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is over and we have a few fresh ideas on runway trends, I can’t help but look (longingly) to the past and covet the style of a few classic starlets. Here’s a look back at old-fashioned beauties, and way to snag their chicness right now! Rita Hayworth was the epitome of a vixen, famous for... CONTINUE READING 11

Red Celeb-Inspired Beauty Looks for Heart Month

Every year, the stars take to the red carpet for the unveiling of the Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection, an event to raise awareness for women's heart disease right in the middle of February—Heart Month! To celebrate this women-centric event, we've covered our fave three looks from the past few years! Check out how-tos on getting Julianne, Kim and Hilary's... CONTINUE READING 6

Wearable Beauty Trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week drawing to a close today, sites and blogs are agog with the latest fashion trends. But tailoring and prints aren't our only focus...take a cue from the tons of for-real-people beauty I loved at Lincoln Center. I've found a few easy-to-copy catwalk trends that'll make you want to strut your stuff (even if it's only down... CONTINUE READING 5

Chocolate Beauty to Devour This V-Day

All the chocolate on shelves this time of year makes everyone's taste buds crazy for sugar. And if you don't have a BF to buy you a heart-shaped box or you're counting calories, what's a girl to do? Save the chocolate eater's remorse for next year and indulge in a calorie-free choco-fest this February 14th with these scrumptious beauty products. -Tricia... CONTINUE READING 6

Pucker Up: Super-Sexy Lips for V-Day

Valentine's Day is for celebrating love, and amore is best commemorated with a super-sexy kiss! So, if you’re going to be sharing a smooch with that special someone (or Mr. RandomYouJustMetOntheDanceFloor), you’ve got to get your lips in tip-top shape. It's important to have your smacker looking ultra-sexy and, of course, primed for a good ol' makeout sesh! There’s no better way... CONTINUE READING 10

Score Winning Super Bowl Style

The Super Bowl is this Sunday and you may already have the party planned, and the recipes all ready to go, but do you know what you’re, er, sporting yet? Before you wear your boyfriend’s oversized jersey from 1995 or just your regular clothes, why not add some serious kick to your style? I’ve got five ways to show your team... CONTINUE READING 8

Swim Away from Winter with Mermaid-Style Beauty

With the iridescent makeup (that doesn't wash off underwater), hot-guy admirers, kick-a swimming skills and gorgeous outfits, what woman hasn’t fantasized about being a mermaid? The longing to have fins instead of legs gets even more intense during the winter season (you're a tropical mermaid, obvi!). Sigh. While you may not be able to live like a mermaid, why not... CONTINUE READING 12