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A Beauty-ful Future for Women in Need

The holiday season may be the perfect time to splurge on new makeup for Christmas and Hanukkah soirees, but let’s not forget about the giving part of the season. Ladies need to especially look out for their fellow women this time of year. Women are facing homelessness for a slew of reasons (ex. rampant unemployment... CONTINUE READING 3

How to Throw a Glam Holiday Dinner Party for a Good Cause

Between Thanksgiving, holiday parties and New Year's Eve celebrations, we've got food, food and more food in our futures. So, why not take the opportunity to show a little gratitude by giving back as we indulge ourselves in culinary delights this holiday season? If that sounds good to you, may we suggest hosting a dinner party for a cause? Dinner parties are... CONTINUE READING 7

The Studs Behind Charitable Accessories Brand Bullets2Bandages Talk Business

The fashion world is the last place you’d expect to find two studly Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal officers, but Cole Evans and Erik Spalding of Bullets2Bandages break the mold. Not only did they start their jewelry and accessories line without any previous business experience, but they are also dedicated to giving back to veterans and their families—major swoon! Their successful... CONTINUE READING 7

Spotted at: Girls Night Out New York City

Girls Night Out New York City whirled into town last week, bringing with it cool celebs to meet (Steve Ward), drinks to sample (mmm, Cointreau!), fun things to experience (Maybelline makeovers!) and, of course, tons of quality girl time. See some of my faves—believe me, it was hard to narrow 'em down. -Cait Rohan Girls nights, out or in, have always meant... CONTINUE READING 6

BCA Walks/Runs to Do with Your Office

When you’re working for tons of hours every week, it can be a bit hard to put the focus on anyone else but yourself. But with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s the perfect opportunity to help others and make a difference for those affected. While there are many different ways to show your support, a great thing is... CONTINUE READING 7

Support Women Entrepreneurs for Women's Small Business Month

We’ve heard it over and over since we were little—girls can do anything boys can do. While that's obviously true, sometimes we might struggle to reach our highest potential due to lack of resources, mentoring or funding. Luckily, there are organizations that believe in “girl power” and focus on funding and supporting business ventures by women around the globe. Help... CONTINUE READING 9

Top Ways to Help (Wo)man’s Best Friend

All of us get upset when we see a stray puppy or cat, or watch an ASPCA commercial, but feel powerless to help. To make matters worse, the down economy means many people are abandoning their pets and fewer and fewer of us have the means to adopt those animals in need. International Homeless Animals Day is coming up on... CONTINUE READING 15

Support Our Troops this Memorial Day

Memorial Day is this weekend and it’s time to honor the memory of those who have served to keep us safe. We know most people are planning BBQs and pulling out their crisp whites in celebration of the first official summer holiday, but it's important to take some time to support our veterans and active members of the armed forces,... CONTINUE READING 7

How to Help Japan

When a country suffers a catastrophe as devastating as the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan a few days ago, it’s important for the rest of the world to step in and help. You don’t have to be a politician, a doctor or the chair of a nonprofit to lend a hand. You don’t have to be rich either—every single... CONTINUE READING 6

Claudia’s New Year’s Resolutions 2011 (Week 3: My Social Responsibility)

January means a fresh start and resolutions for 2011. This year, I am seriously committing to a healthier me—inside and out! I have loads on my to-do list, and I’m sharing everything with you in a four-week series throughout the month of January. Week three is all about resolutions to live with a better conscious to give back. See how I’m... CONTINUE READING 17

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