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5 Fabulous Ways to Get Your Veggie On

Veggies are the kind of food you either love, or love to hate. Either way, they are a key essential to our body's nutrition, therefore, you have to learn to love them! With these five creative, easy-to-make ways of getting your daily dose of vegetables, vitamins and fiber in, we are sure you'll absolutely love veggies by the... CONTINUE READING 7

How to Throw a Miss America Viewing Party

Pageants are an American tradition, a battle amongst the most beautiful and brightest women of the new generation…and they sometimes seem a bit odd to us non-supermodel types. Even if you're not a pageant fan, the Miss America pageant piques every woman’s curiously when it comes around in January (this year's is tomorrow, January 14!). Admit it—you don’t have plans... CONTINUE READING 8


After a month plus of bad eating and boozing, it's time to detox your diet and get your health back on track. Before you go on an all-salad diet, take a look at some of our healthy options below. They'll purge those toxins and taste good doing it! -Jasmine Frazier If you want to have a well-balanced dinner dish with plenty of... CONTINUE READING 18


Right now, you're probably pondering possible resolutions for the next year. Have you put anything down so far? Go on a diet? Go to the gym more? Get "healthy"? Here's a list of easy-to-do stuff that will improve your well-being for the long-term! -Jasmine Frazier Find one thing you would like to improve, and study up on it. Want to change a certain... CONTINUE READING 20

Holiday Health Fixers for Every Sitch

Everyone is always complaining about holiday weight gain when January rolls around. But a Santa-like belly is easy to prevent if you take small steps right now. First you need to decide what habits you change during the holidays that cause you to gain weight. Do you drink more than usual? Indulge in more fatty foods? Or,... CONTINUE READING 4

6 Ways to Make Yourself Smarter

Think it’s too late to become a brainiac? Think again. Medical science used to think that you were stuck with the smarts you had once you reached adulthood, but modern wisdom says that our brains continue to grow and adapt at any age. Nurture your gray matter and you can make yourself smarter, healthier and happier—which translates into career success.... CONTINUE READING 13

Breast Cancer Prevention Tips from a Top Doctor

Today is October 1st, which marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Start October right and do your girls a favor by reading this article from for tips on how to fight and prevent this type of cancer. But don’t trust our advice on breast cancer prevention tips, listen to a brilliant doctor! Michael Greger, M.D., Director of Public Health at... CONTINUE READING 8

Overcome What’s Holding You Back, NOW!

I was a compulsive eater out of the womb. The youngest of eight children in an abusive home, I used food to feel safe. After my difficult childhood, I moved from New York to California. I was in college in San Francisco, enjoying school for the first time but still not loving my body or myself. I had turned to... CONTINUE READING 9

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Body Shape

There is no magic secret or miracle pill that will allow you to achieve and maintain a perfect body for life. If there were, we would all have gorgeous bodies, and never have to watch what we eat or run a single lap on the tread mill. As a personal trainer, and the President of Browning’s Fitness Centers, I have trained,... CONTINUE READING 25

A Bikini Body All Year

With fall unofficially here, it’s off with the bikini and on with the sweaters, jackets, jeans, boots, parkas, hats, gloves and well, perhaps a few pounds. It’s a natural instinct to battle the cold of winter months with a buildup of “reserves,” but few of us actually spend our days in the elements hunting and gathering anymore...unless you count the... CONTINUE READING 16

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