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by Megan Greene Are you struggling to find the best fashion staples for your wardrobe this season? Perhaps you're purchasing the wrong trends for your body's shape or size. If so, we can change that and help you shop for the best Fall trends that look good on you. Take a look at our our list of styles to see what... CONTINUE READING 7


by Dominique Fernandez Back in the day, wearing head-to-toe denim was probably not the most accepted of trends. Frankly, even wearing just two pieces of denim together wasn't exactly favored. However, times have changed and so have its fashion trends – which brings us to the latest tendency on our minds: denim on denim. This blue-hue... CONTINUE READING 3

Pant Styles We're Bound to Regret

Sometimes the fashion industry can be incredibly persuasive and confusing all at once. From denim to leggings, jarring styles have made a comeback. And after our initial shock over these fashion choices, we actually start to grow fond of them. So whether our pants are slim-fit or drape-like, we've recently spent some time to reflect: these looks might not be... CONTINUE READING 11

How to Do Denim

Denim. My oldest and dearest friend. Isn't it to all of us? There are so many ways to wear denim that attempting to write about it is almost impossible. However, we have outlined some ways to add denim to your wardrobe that are totally trending right now.  - Grace Texter Denim Shirt Dress Denim is the perfect fabric for a summer dress! And a... CONTINUE READING 3

Blue Jean Baby: 7 Cool Updates on the Classic Jean Jacket

Denim is that magical material that's able to transcend any and all trend changes and adapt to whatever works. This season, the denim jacket has a million new faces, fits and styles, from oversized to shrunken, brightly colored to dip-dyed, spiked to printed. So forget that boring blue jacket you have hanging in your closet and check out some new... CONTINUE READING 8

Men's Summer Fashions We Absolutely Hate!

When summer rolls around, something triggers in guys that makes them think that it is okay to get a little too comfortable in their fashion choices. While we don our sky high wedges and short shorts, they slink on their crappy cargo shorts and ribbed white undershirts that they inexplicably think are appropriate to be seen publicly in. Get ready... CONTINUE READING 35

What You "Have to Have" at Girls Night Out New York City

The time is almost here New Yorkers! Get ready to stock up your closet, jewelry box, vanity and even your pantry with some new treats, because Girls Night Out will soon hit the Big Apple. In just two short weeks, GNO will be taking over New York City, so gear up for the big night by checking out our list of must-haves for... CONTINUE READING 11

New Ways to Wear '90s Trends

Evolution isn’t just biological—in the fashion world, sometimes what starts off as a fugly trend can, er, blossom into something beautiful. Looking back at some ‘90s fashion faux pas, the new millenium has definitely done the world of style good, proclaiming that less is more and you don’t have to be tacky to stand out. Below, some of my fave... CONTINUE READING 7

Crazy Pants: Updated Denim Under $70

Throw that boring blue denim to the back of your closet and make a statement with these so-fresh jeans, all under $70 a pop! Wear with a simple button-down on Casual Fridays or dress ‘em up with tougher accents for a night out that will scream “I’m an undiscovered rock star!” Give yourself the gift of roses this Valentine’s Day…via Motel... CONTINUE READING 10

Celebrity Style Inspiration: Colored Jeans

The color-punch denim trend has been going strong all year long, and thankfully shows no sign of slowing down. I love bright colors, and so do my favorite celebs. As seen on Fergie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Khloe Kardashian, Rihanna and Ashley Tisdale, colored denim instantly adds a shot of sassy to your look, whether you’re rocking funky electric blue, sunny... CONTINUE READING 10