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by Megan Greene The purpose of chopping off your hair and rocking a new chic haircut is often times in hopes to reveal a unique and inner fierceness inside of you, right? Okay, so why haven't you faced your fears and completed The Big Chop? Every year, we women go through our transitioning phase, right? You know, the "I want a... CONTINUE READING 7


by Bianca Logrono Hair so straight, you can’t volumize? Kinks so tight they can’t be tamed? Curls so crazy you wanna cry? Waves so frizzy you’re “gonna die”? No matter what the hair type, we’ve all got hair issues we’re working with. As we all know, finding the perfect product for any particular hair type can be exhausting. It can take... CONTINUE READING 16

Beauty Steal: Blake Lively's Best Beauty Looks

Blake Lively's been one of our go-to stylish starlets ever since hitting it big with "Gossip Girl" in '07 and she's only gotten better over the years! The beautiful blonde is a regular red carpet show-stopper from head to toe, with hair and makeup looks that are just as fabulous as the fashionable frocks she struts her stuff in. With... CONTINUE READING 7

Beauty Steal: Jessica Alba's Hottest Hairstyles

One of our fashionable faves Jessica Alba is celebrating her 31st birthday today and to honor the lovely lady, we're stealing some of her hottest hairstyles from over the years. From long beachy waves to a full-bodied bob, the Sin City star has rocked every style, and you can too with these great professional styling tips from Stacey Ellis of... CONTINUE READING 8

Hair Like Our Fave March Magazine Covers

Wish you could look like those done-up, perfectly coiffed celebs you see on magazine covers? Now you can. You, yes even you drooling at that Adele picture, standing in the supermarket line in a sloppy topknot and sweatpants, can achieve celeb-status strands. Here's the easy advice from a pro! Rebecca is rocking undone sexy waves, and you can achieve this spring/summer... CONTINUE READING 8

10 Celeb-Inspired Hairstyles to Try This Spring

You'll see celebs walk the red carpet at tonight's Oscars with intricate updos. But what about hairstyles that could update your daily look? See 10 celebs sporting 10 springy hairstyles and tips from the pros on how to get each look! RACHEL MCADAMS Celeb Hairstylist Andi Scarbrough says: Three words: EASY SEXY HAIR. Pay attention—this look can have you looking hotter... CONTINUE READING 11

DIY Grammy Beauty Tips from Pros

Before the awards show even began, we knew who won big at the Grammys—for best hair, that is. Get the looks from the 2012 red carpet with step-by-step instructions from celebrity hairstylists Sura Radcliffe and Andi Scarbrough. BEST CURLS: Kelly Rowland SURA RADCLIFFE SAYS: Kelly’s hair was absolutely on point. What I loved were the various textures, the sleek, slicked-back style with a... CONTINUE READING 4

Red-Carpet Hairstyles to Take Down the Aisle

With all the time brides spend trying to find the perfect dress, venue and flower arrangement, don't let your hair fall to last on the to-do list. Since it’s your big day, you obviously need to shine like the star you are! The red carpet (where haute hair is a prereq) is the perfect place to turn for stunning styles... CONTINUE READING 14

Va-Va Voluminous Hair for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and while you might’ve been hearing ad naseum about what to wear and where to go, do you know how you’ll style your strands yet? You’ll want sexy, voluminous tresses whether you’re rockin’ it single or have been with the hubby for 25+ years. Shecky’s asked New York City stylist Angelo David... CONTINUE READING 6

How-tos for Best Golden Globe Hairdos

Awards shows always garner "oohs" and "aahs" from picture-perfect dresses, but what about the hairdos that celebs sport? We think these ladies deserve a trophy for their marvelous manes. Best part is, celeb stylist Natasha Sunshine has the scoop with how-tos to get the looks at home! Best: Updo Maria Menounos gave a beautifully modern spin to a classic—the updo. To get the look,... CONTINUE READING 17