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10 Tips Every Travelista Should Know

If you’re going to be frequenting the airport a lot this summer, then you’ve got to be in-the-know with these 10 travel tips that’ll help you out-clever the crowds! After all, your summer vacation essentially starts the second you hit the airport, so why not make the trip from point A to point paradise as painless, relaxing and stress-free as... CONTINUE READING 13

6 Budget Tips from Real Women

When it comes to saving up, sometimes real women like you and me, not seasoned money experts, give the best advice. Our proof? See below for six amazing budget strategies from DailyWorth’s readers: It’s in the Cards—by Jen I put all that I can on my credit card and pay it off each month so I have a record of all my purchases.... CONTINUE READING 19

9 Purchase Pitfalls to Avoid

We all play the elaborate shopping game to varying degrees. Both consumers and merchants hone their skills, hoping to best the other on the sales floor. As the bottom line gets bigger, each side pushes back harder. While stores have corporate think-tanks and strategists to squeeze out every last penny, average shoppers are left to fend for themselves. In a... CONTINUE READING 14

12 Quick Ways to Save Up for an End-of-Summer Getaway

Whether your summer goals were to get a great tan or show off your stylish new swimsuit, it's not too late to make them happen with an end-of-summer getaway. Though the final weeks of the season are starting to slip away, there are still plenty of ways to save some quick cash. Try a few of these tips and you'll... CONTINUE READING 14

Fave Smart Phone Accessories

Don't lie. Your smart phone is like your best supporting girlfriend (have you told us why SHE is your Supporting Girlfriend in the National Girlfriend Awards Presented by Shecky's?)—it provides some serious help when you don't know where else to turn (hello, Google Maps!) and you totally tell it all your secrets (you know, those erase-this-now texts). Luckily, we've found... CONTINUE READING 7

The Top 3 Credit Myths for Married Couples

When you vow to take your spouse in sickness and in health, are you saying “I Do” to their bad credit, too? Couples don’t typically discuss credit health before walking down the aisle, but they should. Knowing the truth can prevent credit damage and (ultimately) help you save thousands on loans. Here are the facts behind three common myths: Myth 1: When we marry,... CONTINUE READING 28

Avoid That Spending Avalanche

Have you ever bought a pair of gorgeous new heels that somehow mysteriously forced (forced!) you to buy a snazzy new dress to match? Followed by lipstick—or a handbag? Hmmm? If you’re nodding your head (or glancing guiltily at the DSW box in the corner), you’ve been the victim of a spending avalanche. Typically, a spending avalanche does offer some warning, usually a small... CONTINUE READING 2

How to Make a Budget

Figure out your income. First, the easy part: Take a look at how much you rake in each month. Look at your paycheck or checking account statement. Add in any extra cash you bring in. And congratulate yourself—you work hard for that moolah! Track expenses. Now the hard part: figuring out where it all goes. Each month, you probably spend part... CONTINUE READING 3

Girlfriends Behind Unlock Exclusive Access

Fashion week access, schmaltzy events and designer previews might seem like things reserved for the ladies on Sex and the City or the editors of Vogue, but with, you can get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to fashion events and VIP retail events at some of your favorite stores nationwide., an invitation-only site started by girlfriends Pialy Aditya and Zoe Neuschatz... CONTINUE READING 6

LearnVest: Money Gets a Serious Makeover

As a writer, numbers, financial stats…and anything to do with them, read like hieroglyphics (cough, completely indecipherable) to me most times. That’s why I’m psyched that there are sites like LearnVest that are making money and finance fun and relatable for women (no more calling my accountant dad and girlfriends or my finance boyfriend!). If your finances have fallen to the... CONTINUE READING 7

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