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Chasing after the little ones day in and day out doesn't only take a toll on your body, it can take a toll on your sanity! For all you mommies out there wheeling and dealing with the kiddos in tow, we've enlisted Porschla Kidd—full-time mom, former model and wife to New York Knicks point guard Jason Kidd—to give ten tried-and-true... CONTINUE READING 2

10 Fun Fall Dates to Spice Up the Season

While the weather may be cooling down, your love life is surely going to heat up with these fun (and free) fall date ideas! Autumn is arguably the best time of year to get out and enjoy your surroundings—and what’s better than having your man beside you to do just that? When the two of you aren’t snuggling up on... CONTINUE READING 12

Girls Night In Craft Party: DIY Wall Art

Switch up your GNO routine for a GNI—Girls Night In. If funds are scarce for both your party and home décor budgets, invite your girlfriends over for a get-together that will satisfy both needs. Bond over crafting and cocktails instead of the usual (and expensive) night out on the town. Everyone will go home happy with at least one new... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Easy Ways To Heal Through the Holidays

It has been statistically proven that most breakUP’s happen right before the holidays (December—to be exact). There is no perfect time for a breakUP, but it seems downright cruel for it to happen during what’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” So what do we do when faced with the breakUP blues? We... CONTINUE READING 8

'Tis the Season to Be Single

The holidays are upon us which means new flavored lattes at Starbucks, neighbors competing for tackiest light display awards, TV ad nauseam from cheap mall jewelers, and invitations or lack thereof to midnight New Year’s Eve kissing fests. Merry freaking holidays. There is no denying that the holidays, when single, bring about a…how shall we say…ache... CONTINUE READING 26

DIY Ways to Redecorate Every Room

As the raucous days of summer come to a close and the chill of fall settles in, you may find yourself searching for means to make your abode more snuggle-worthy for the long winter ahead. Don’t worry—Shecky’s knows how to trick out your pad for optimal homey comfort. Here are our favorite easy DIY ideas for adding a touch of... CONTINUE READING 17

DIY: Repurposed Frame Trays

This Memorial Day weekend, chances are that you're serving something up at a party. That's why we love GirlieGirl Army’s crafty take on serving trays! See below for details. I always feel a wave of excitement when I find piles of old wooden frames in a thrift store. The possibilities are endless, but here’s one I hadn’t thought of—turning the old... CONTINUE READING 7

Easter Egg Ideas for All

For the young and the young at heart alike, Easter egg decorating is a great spring pastime. Shame on you though if you think that the hobby is dated or tired, because has 20 ideas for decorating in a whole new way. From mirrors to glitter to egg pets, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to how... CONTINUE READING 7

Winter Getaways
November 30, 2010

Winter is on its way, and while many of you are probably snow birds itching to escape the cold temps, these easy and affordable weekend trips will make even the biggest cold weather-haters happy. No matter where you live, these options are suitable for you and your friends, family or…fiancé (or boyfriend, hubby, etc.)! -Lynden Halpern EAST COASTERS: KILLINGTON, VERMONT No matter... CONTINUE READING 19


While we’re on the subject of all things beauty for your face, body and hair with our 2010 Beauty at Its Best Awards, The Cultivated Home has a post on how to beautify your home this holiday season. Believe it or not, the holiday season has arrived. It’s time to start thinking about gifts, decorations, parties, and yes, the New Year!... CONTINUE READING 12

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