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"Sexy" at Work Without Crossing the Line

What follows is one of the least controversial statements of the 21st century: Angelina Jolie may very well be the sexiest human being on the planet. But just what quality makes her sizzle? Her pouty lips? Her ever-present oversize sunglasses? Her multiple adoptions from underdeveloped nations? Her ultimate accessory, Brad Pitt? Correct answer: Angelina Jolie is the sexiest human being on... CONTINUE READING 13

Use Dating Advice in Your Job Hunt

The job hunt is just like the search for the perfect man. You want a career that makes you happy, brings out your best qualities and keeps you on your toes with new challenges, just like a relationship should! Landing an interview and/or getting a date might be based on your initial charm, but you really have to nail it during... CONTINUE READING 6

Reorganize & Prettify Your Workspace

That's it—you can't stand to work while piles of paper, loose paperclips and random Post-Its take up every last inch of your workspace anymore! This year, resolve to keep your desk tidy with functional workspace accessories that will hardly make a dent in your hard-earned paycheck. A clean desk means more productivity (get that raise in 2012!), so take a... CONTINUE READING 26

How to Be a Cool Coworker

With varying personalities and work ethics, not everyone you work with is going to get along. The best way to minimize conflict in the workplace is to keep up the R-E-S-P-E-C-T...even if some of your colleagues feel otherwise (lead by example)! I've compiled a few tips to help you be a fab coworker and keep from committing any career faux pas.... CONTINUE READING 7


Sitting in the same office staring at the same coworkers day in and day out can lead to major apathy. How can you blast yourself and your team out of a rut to think more creatively about your work? Here are a few ways to rekindle your inspiration. Hire a pro to help you. Many reputable firms,... CONTINUE READING 7

Office Party Slip-Ups to Avoid

’Tis the season for office holiday parties—the time of year when you can pretty much count on two things: reputations being ruined and gossip running rampant. Don’t be the one to fall victim this time around. Here, eight office party slip-ups to avoid. Pickup lines. Outrageous in-your-face flirting with colleagues is prohibited. So is PDA with your... CONTINUE READING 4

Do You Have a Work Spouse?

There was no ring, no bridesmaids, no teary-eyed dance with Dad, but somewhere along the way, you found yourself with a spouse. You see him every day…at the office. He’s your work spouse. And whether you chose each other or were thrown together, you probably know more about him than your best friend. Chances are, he knows you pretty well too,... CONTINUE READING 8

How to Politely Deal with Rude People this Holiday Season

They say ‘tis the season to be jolly...but some people didn’t get the memo. If one of the best parts of the holidays is seeing all the people who love you, one of the worst is being forced to see people who love to annoy you. Rude relatives, friends, even strangers can put a damper on your holiday spirit, but... CONTINUE READING 5

10 Reasons to Love Your Job

Next time your boss bitches you out, your cubicle-mate pisses you off, or you just can’t stomach the idea of one more day at your desk, take a deep breath, pull out this list and start reading. Suddenly things aren’t so bad, are they? 10. Because the abysmal economy has formed an odd camaraderie between you and your frenemies. 9. Because it’s... CONTINUE READING 11

What to Buy Your Overworked Pal (or Yourself)

We all know a person who gets stressed at work. Your 9-to-5 bestie who types like a stomping circus elephant when she’s angry. The friend who frantically texts you from work using a string of four-letter words about the horrific higher-ups she deals with. Or…maybe this person is…YOU (ever find yourself jiggling your foot in a nervous frenzy? Yeah, read... CONTINUE READING 24