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Concert Fashion Feat

By Marcus Scott This summer is filled to the brim with some of the biggest concerts around with international acts  hitting the high seas and touring across the globe in front of cheering fans. Amidst some of the most anticipated set lists and special guests are some of the brightest style moments you won’t see covered on your favorite fashion blogs.... CONTINUE READING 8

10 Most Epic VMA Performances Ever

Sure, with all of the brain-frying reality shows like “Teen Mom” and “Jersey Shore” clogging up its schedule in lieu of music videos, it’s easy to forget that MTV originally stood for Music Television. But for one night out of the year, MTV harkens back to its music-loving roots with the Video Music Awards, and each year, music stars flock... CONTINUE READING 15

Spotted: Girls Night Out On Tour Pavilion

Shecky's was proud to be a part of the Mixtape Festival down in Hershey, PA this weekend, bringing a shopping pavilion full off all the Girls Night Out goodies you know and love for concertgoers to enjoy between musical acts like Kelly Clarkson, the Backstreet Boys, LL Cool J, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Fray and more. Didn't make it out... CONTINUE READING 7

10 Ways to Beat Boredom This Summer

We always look forward to that time of year when it’s warm outside, the sun is shining and we have a few days off work here and there—yep, we're talking about summer time! But our days off or long weekend days can leave us a tad bit bored of doing the obvious activities like going to the beach, floating... CONTINUE READING 11

What to Wear to Coachella This Weekend

Music fest season kicks off this weekend with Coachella in Indio, CA on Friday, and even though live music festivals are supposed to be all about the tunes, over the years they’ve become bonafide fashion events. Whether you plan on jamming out to Florence + the Machine or getting your groove on to Santigold, I’ve rounded up styles that’ll have... CONTINUE READING 5

Dates Guys Actually Want to Go On

It may be a tradition for women to ask men to marry them on February 29th of a Leap Year (tomorrow), but that's a little extreme for some of us. So, why not ask a guy out on a cool date that he'll actually want to go on? I'm not talking dinner and a movie here...see date ideas your fella... CONTINUE READING 27

What to Wear to a Fall Concert

Now that autumn has officially arrived, plenty of musical acts are going on the road, but we have to leave our sundresses and sandals behind. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking fabulous when seeing your favorite artists. Here’s a chic yet simple outfit for a fall concert held indoors or outdoors. Now that the weather... CONTINUE READING 22

10 Budget-Friendly Summer Bucket List To-Dos

Happy 10th birthday to Shecky’s (have you checked out our amazing deals and more?)! In honor of the awesome party attitude that goes along with a b-day and our love for Fridays, we’re bringing you a TOP 10 AT 10AM every Friday. This Friday, I’ve got 10 cheap must-dos before summer slips away. Why so wallet-conscious? I don’t know about you, but with... CONTINUE READING 22

“Born This Way” Contest Winners

Back in March, we asked our users: "Were you 'Born This Way?'" and received hundreds of amazing responses. It was tough to pick the best "Born This Way" talents and award only a few prize winners—you're all such talented and accomplished women! Here's a sampling from some of our winners' entries and experiences, plus some fun photos. ENTRY: My "Born This... CONTINUE READING 7

Letters to Shecky's: Happy Women's History Month

Welcome to another edition of Letters to Shecky’s, a section where we take some of our favorite comments and share ‘em with all of you! It's March, which means it's officially Women's History Month and we can't wait to give props to women (including you guys!) all month long! From advice to other readers, to love for our posts, contributors and events, it’s... CONTINUE READING 4