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How to Recycle Your Makeup

With a slew of products building up in our beauty closet, it’s a tragic, yet rare day when we’ve actually come to the end of an eyeshadow, compact or a tube of primer. You may be asking yourself what to do with that empty lipstick case, but one thing we advise you not to do is toss away that piece... CONTINUE READING 11

Makeup 911! Save Your Products After Beauty Faux-Pas

We’ve all done it before—you’re running ten minutes off schedule and shuffling through your mega-sized purse seeking your most prized possession: a limited edition bronzer you had to scour shelves for in Sephora. You finally grasp your compact only to have it slip out of your hands and slam onto the floor, leaving your heart and powder broken into itsy... CONTINUE READING 7

Great Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Hanukkah begins tonight and Christmas is this week, but chances are that some of you have seriously procrastinated on shopping and don’t feel like dealing with jam-packed stores, out-of-stock inventory and screaming kids on a mall-Santa's lap. Get your shopping done in between baking cookies when you order any of these eight gifts online. Just be sure to select the... CONTINUE READING 28

Budget Beauty for $20 & Under

So, you’ve pretty much maxed out your card after Black Friday, but you’re still looking for one prime beauty product (or several) to make your holiday look pop...or you've yet to find a fab beauty gift for a friend. See some budget beauty $20 and under (!!!) that I love (some are Beauty at Its Best winners!). Okay, so carting around... CONTINUE READING 13

Date-Night Emergency Kit

I love getting ready for dates—it's my excuse to break out my sky-high heels and that dress I never wear. But when it gets down to the wire and I'm trying to pack my purse, I have trouble jamming my "everyday essentials" into my tiny (but oh-so-cute!) clutch. After a few first dates that included me, a guy and my... CONTINUE READING 43

Beauty at Its Best Preview: (Beauty) Tools of the Trade

As we continue to celebrate Shecky’s 10th Birthday with special deals and more, we’re gearing up for a bash of a different kind: our 2011 Beauty at Its Best Awards. In honor of the awards, we’re treating you to 10 beauty discoveries twice a week! (NOTE: the products below are not winners; winners for the 2011 awards will be announced... CONTINUE READING 19


Looking for a few beauty products to get you glamorous day and night? These picks do the trick and won’t set you back. Check out these beautifying bargains…including one must-have that only costs a buck (!!!). Add some extra glow for a girls night out with the mark Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes All Over Face Palette ($15). This easily-portable... CONTINUE READING 32


Your sidekick is the one who knows your darkest secrets, your hottest crushes and has your back no matter what. These gifts are perfect as a birthday gift or as a thank you for being there through all the drama. High Maintenance BFF For the bestie who loves to look good at all costs, get her the Poppy Compact Mirror ($10) from... CONTINUE READING 19