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By Marcus Scott When it comes to sensuality and fulfilling your basic primal urges, we say, follow your bliss. As long as you are being safe, do whatever you have to when it comes to relieving a bit of tension down there. If you’re flying solo with no one to untangle the kinks in your parachute, you may consider a pay-for-play... CONTINUE READING 48

Why Hasn't He Popped the Question?

"Should" your boyfriend pop the question after dating you for 5 years (or two, or whatever) depends entirely on you - the individual couple. But at some point, you start to feel a bit curious yourself- Should I be worried he hasn't asked? At what point should we either do this thing or split? No girl really wants to put pressure... CONTINUE READING 4

A Few Things Kim Kardashian Should Have Considered

Kim, Kim, Kim! K’mon now. But no matter how mind-boggling a 72-day marriage FAIL may seem, and as much as we want to smack them as “media whores who did it all for the money and attention” there are a few real questions I have for Kim that she should have considered before she got married, then promptly divorced. How did... CONTINUE READING 46

Steve Ward from VH1's Tough Love Miami Answers Our Questions: Part 1

Steve Ward from VH1 Tough Love is giving us the scoop on relationships and men, and telling us if we should "date or ditch" our dudes. Q. Why do men care about the number of guys women have slept with? AND do they care because they care for us or care to beat our numbers? A. "Most men don’t care about the number... CONTINUE READING 10

4 Ways to Sabotage a Relationship

Have you ever felt the relationship you were in was too good to be true? How about the feeling that you didn't deserve all of this happy love? And then, you started over-thinking, second-guessing and building the fear factor that eventually ate away at your relationship? If you answered yes to the questions above, you might be a relationship saboteur. A... CONTINUE READING 21

What’s the Weirdest Thing He’s Said During a Hook-Up?

No matter how much we try to decipher dudes in our No Boys Allowed section, there are still some things that baffle us. One of those being the super-odd things they say in the heat of the moment. Here's a sample of 100% real quotes/experiences from our Staffers (we couldn't make this stuff up...). Take a peep and then share... CONTINUE READING 20

10 "Firsts" On the Way from Casual Dating to a Serious Relationship

If you've ever found yourself in the beginning of a new relationship, wondering whether or not it's getting serious, then you need to know the telltale signs that you're moving in the right direction for him to put a ring on it (or, er, at least a Facebook official). compiled a list of 10 very true "firsts" that you... CONTINUE READING 17

“What’s Up with His Porn?”

Question: (Sent via our form): What’s up with the porn stash? My guy says he likes me as real as I am, but then he has porn videos of all these super-skinny, fake-boobed women. Why? ANSWERS: Mr. Young and in Love SEE BIO NOW> Why does your guy look at porn? Because he's a guy! We all do it, and any woman who says their man... CONTINUE READING 22

“Why Does He Worry About My Guy Friends?”

Question: (Sent via our form): Why do guys worry so much when their girlfriends/wives have male friends? ANSWERS: Mr. Loves Boys Too SEE BIO NOW> They worry for the same reasons you worry when they have female friends. Of course, my partner and I have all the female friends we want…there is no danger there. We also each have a bunch of male friends…the straight... CONTINUE READING 23

"How Do You Know if She's 'The One'?"

QUESTION: Sent via our form: “All right, guys! How do you REALLY know she’s the one you’re going to marry?” ANSWERS: Mr. Noncommittal SEE BIO NOW> You'll actually never know. Why? Because marriage isn't the answer, especially nowadays. In the olden days, men would marry women because there was that whole "no sex until marriage" thing. Today, there are lots of ladies who put out... CONTINUE READING 35

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