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5 Haute Colored Coats To Replace Your Old Black Jacket

Been wearing that same black peacoat for three autumn seasons now? It's time for an upgrade! Swap that dark, drab outerwear for one of fall's fabulous haute-hued coats. Rich in colors ranging from cool cobalt to tangerine tango to the on-the-pulse oxblood, these cold weather cover-ups will definitely make a chic sartorial statement as you're running to and fro this... CONTINUE READING 8

8 Pullover Sweaters That Are Cool, Not Cosby

We love Bill Cosby as much as he loves Jell-O, but even though we look upon his signature tacky sweaters with a nostalgic fondness, we definitely wouldn’t want one of those sewing kit disasters hanging in our closet! But that doesn’t mean you have to swear off pullovers forever. We’ve found eight pullovers that are cool, not Cosby—the key is... CONTINUE READING 9

What You "Have to Have" at Girls Night Out Boston

Tired of watching the Sox on TV with your guy every night after work? Swap out the boy toy for some good old-fashioned girl fun at Shecky’s Girls Night Out Boston on October 11th and 12th! Get in touch with your feminine side (and your girls!) by coming out for a night of shopping, delicious drinks and general fabulousness. The... CONTINUE READING 7

The Best of Fall 2012's Runway Beauty Looks

What's the easiest way to change up your look for fall? That's right—makeup. Using what you already own but doing it in cool, en vogue ways, you can easily take your style from summer's beach-bound bombshell to this fall's city-strutting stylista. But where to go to get the hottest beauty looks for fall? The runways, of course! The runways dictate... CONTINUE READING 9

6 Sporty Styles Fit For An Olympian

With the Olympics right around the corner, we can't help but find ourselves itching to throw on some track shorts and sneakers and pretend that we can compete with the best of them. Okay, so we can’t sprint 200 meters in the blink of an eye like Usain Bolt, but we can look the part of gold medal winner with... CONTINUE READING 13

Bombshell Beachwear: 8 Retro-Inspired Suits

One of the best things about fashion is when we take something old and make it notoriously new again! So with summer upon us, it's only natural for retro-inspired suits to be splashing back into style this season. Mimicking the sexy summer style of old school beach bombshells like Marilyn Monroe,  Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly, this summer swaps... CONTINUE READING 18

Hot Summer Styles For Every Body Shape

No two ladies are the same and neither are their figures! We all want to stay stylish and sexy for summer no matter what our shape, so here are five great summer looks to highlight your fab figure, from boyish to curvy and everything in between. Whether you're 5 foot 2 or 5 foot 10, pear-shaped or top-heavy, you and... CONTINUE READING 7

Lovely Lilac & Lavender Looks

Today's National Wear Purple For Peace Day and while that's a lovely sentiment, we're really just excited for a reason to break out our prettiest purple pieces to wear! Purple's my favorite color and with so many different shades to choose from, from violet to lilac to lavender, how could you not love it? Get in the spirit by throwing... CONTINUE READING 8

Spring's Coolest Unexpected Color Combos

Mix and match! This season is all about bold colors and colorblocking, but what's even more on trend is combining those colors in cool, unexpected ways. Take a chance and see just how that random lime green shirt you just bought might look with those tan chino shorts you've had for years. We all love the many changing colors of the... CONTINUE READING 8

Style Like Your Fave Old-School Cartoon Characters

The cartoon characters of our youths aren’t just good ways to reminisce about lazy Saturdays spent gathered around the TV with bowls of Cheerios. Some of the tube’s top cartoon females can serve as style inspiration now that we’re adults. Okay, maybe not literally (although truth be told I’d love to wear Strawberry’s get-up and smell like her, too)—but in... CONTINUE READING 18

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