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Margaritas & Mint Juleps

This weekend's gonna be a doozy. Saturday May 4th kicks off the 2013 Kentucky Derby, and Sunday May 5th  is the annual celebration of margaritas (and Mexican victory) - Cinco de Mayo. There are many variations on the signature beverages for these occasions, but classics are simply the best. Whether you're inviting friends over to enjoy the races or taking guacamole... CONTINUE READING 2

Toast Cinco De Mayo With Tequila-Free ‘Tails

I have a confession—I hate tequila. Seriously, loathe the stuff. One mere sniff of tequila and I wake up the next morning on my bathroom floor wondering where the last ten hours went. My lack of affection for Cuervo & co. makes Cinco de Mayo boozing a bit problematic, as the holiday’s practically soaked in the agave-based spirit. So for... CONTINUE READING 6

Destination Beauty: Mexico

Margaritas and nachos aside, there's no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to prep for the big night out! Luckily for us, Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year (gracias a Dios!), so beautify yourself for your bar-hopping journey with these fiesta-ready beauty faves. Just because you can't make it down to Mexico for the annual... CONTINUE READING 7

Cinco Margarita-Inspired Sweet Treats

Sure, everyone will be serving up the standard salt-rimmed margaritas come Cinco de Mayo, but why stop at only cocktails? The classic margarita can make a cameo in both your bebidas and your bites! These sweet treats are spiked marg-style with tequila and lime for a scrumptious way to cap off your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. From cupcakes to cookies... CONTINUE READING 7

Spice Up Your Standard Salsa

One of the quickest, easiest festive fixings you can serve at your Cinco de Mayo party is a cool, refreshing salsa, but I bet you've never tried salsa this way! From ripe, juicy summer fruit salsas to spicy takes on the go-to pico de gallo, these recipes redefine salsa's traditional place next to the tortillas—they're so good, you'll just want... CONTINUE READING 6

DIY Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, who isn’t looking forward to another reason for festivities and yummy cocktails? To get yourself ready for that fab fiesta you'll be throwing for sus amigas, we've put together five of our favorite party ideas for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations, from margs to guac and everything in between. This fiesta will have... CONTINUE READING 5

Fun Fiesta Fashions for Cinco De Mayo

Holy frijoles, its Cinco de Mayo again already?! Break out the maracas! Wait, where’s my sombrero? Today is all about salt-rimmed margaritas, bad decisions and round-after-round of tasty tequila. Translation: fiesta, fiesta, fiesta! Go wild and crazy this Cinco de Mayo in Tex-Mex-inspired tribal fashions, stylish Inca bags, embroidered clutches and even bright knickers (hey, you never know!). The... CONTINUE READING 15

Letters to Shecky's: Dreaming of Summer

Welcome to another edition of Letters to Shecky’s, a section where we take some of our favorite comments and share ‘em with all of you! From Cinco de Mayo last week to our West Coast takeover of L.A., San Fran and Denver (May 17, get your tickets now!), we’ve got stars in our eyes. One very big star to be exact: the... CONTINUE READING 3


Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, tomorrow is Saturday…what better time to let you know that beer may actually be good for you! Yes, you read that right. This bevy may be calorie-laden and it usually faces the brunt of alcohol trash-talking as red wine is praised in all of its antioxidant glory, but is here to debunk the myth... CONTINUE READING 14

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Typical Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Margaritas are obviously our Cinco de Mayo drink of choice—they’re refreshing, totally classic and reminiscent of warmer temps to come. For a fun and updated take on the traditional taste, try one of the five recipes below. Grab the required ingredients now and start mixing these bevs before 5 o'clock hits! Ready...set...margarita! -Lynden Halpern Retro-fabulous Dita Von Teese will be... CONTINUE READING 12

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