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by Courtney A. Leiva If you are more of an organic foodie, then you are in total luck this Valentine’s Day  as we’re rounding up our favorite sweet treats that will absolutely get your mouth watering. From lots of chocolatey goodness to even organic spirits that will set the mood, sink your teeth into any of these Valentine’s options below. 1. Surf... CONTINUE READING 4

Fun Twists on St. Patrick's Day Fare

The phrase we so often hear around St. Patrick's Day, "Luck of the Irish," definitely applies to the eats from Ireland. But, it's likely that not all of us are gonna sit down to an all-out traditional feast come March 17. See some updated takes on the usual Irish food to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! -Kenia Mazariegos Unlike regular bready sandwiches, Taste... CONTINUE READING 4

Homemade Girl Scout Cookie Recipes

Not only is it that time of year again when Girl Scout cookies start making their way into our houses (...and mouths), it's also Girl Scouts Week from March 9-15. Since all of my fave Girl Scout cookies are just about gone (what, I'm the only one who goes through about a box a week?), here are some replica recipes... CONTINUE READING 10

Desserts to Bake for Every Type of Girlfriend

I’ve always been told, “You are what you eat,” but what does that mean? Well, there are some foods that can actually be put together to please a certain "type" of person. And I know you deal with a lot of different personalities (maybe sometimes from yourself...) on a daily basis. In honor of International Women's Day (today!) and as... CONTINUE READING 8

Girlie Takes on Guys' Favorite Recipes

A while back, we did a post on recipes guys love. Don't let fellas have all the fun, though! I’ve taken the top five guy-approved eats and found some delicious girlie twists (ahem, healthier, faster and easier!) on all of ‘em. Read up, cook up and enjoy...whether that's with a significant other or solo! -Cait Rohan Mac ‘n’ cheese is a... CONTINUE READING 12

Sweet Dessert Drinks for Valentine's Day

For all the single ladies, those women whose boyfriends conveniently "forgot" to make a dinner reservation, or the attached chicas who are throwing a quiet night at home to protest the holiday, shake up some love-therapy in the form of a chocolaty cocktail. You'll need one—or all seven—of these drinks to undo the headache you'll have by the end of... CONTINUE READING 7

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dos and Don’ts

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, right? On Valentine’s Day, sparkles can definitely send the heart aflutter. Amazingly, another girl’s best friend that’s also synonymous with Valentine’s Day—chocolate—is a go-to gift with natural ingredients that can alleviate that bling-invoked fluttering heart from progressing to a very unsexy heart attack. Yes, it's hard to believe that what we call a... CONTINUE READING 11

Heart-Shaped Sweets to Show Love for Valentine's Day

On a super-teeny budget for Valentine’s Day this year and don’t know what to gift your beau? Or, don’t have a guy but do have a million people in your life who could use a token of appreciation? Edible treats are a cost-effective way to show your love on February 14th. My recipe picks run the gamut and—bonus!—they’re all heart-shaped... CONTINUE READING 9

Chocolate Beauty to Devour This V-Day

All the chocolate on shelves this time of year makes everyone's taste buds crazy for sugar. And if you don't have a BF to buy you a heart-shaped box or you're counting calories, what's a girl to do? Save the chocolate eater's remorse for next year and indulge in a calorie-free choco-fest this February 14th with these scrumptious beauty products. -Tricia... CONTINUE READING 6

DIY Valentine's Day Night In

Single for V-Day? This isn't one of those mushy-gushy posts about guys or finding love. In this post, the ladies from KC You There are celebratin' singledom with a good ol' dose of DIYness. Use any or all of these tips to throw a fab girls-only gathering, on a budget! DIY Invites Who doesn’t love a handwritten note...especially when it involves a... CONTINUE READING 12