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Lucky Red Pieces for the Lunar New Year

There’s another reason besides Valentine’s Day to stock up on red clothing. The Lunar (Chinese) New Year is this coming Monday, January 23 and red is a traditional color that means good fortune and luck. So, pick up this red apparel to celebrate the year of the Dragon now and V-Day later! Your wardrobe just got a little bit luckier... CONTINUE READING 9

Feng Shui Suggestions to Bring Peace & Prosperity

In this crazy, chaotic series of moments that we call life, couldn’t we all use a little more harmony and balance to keep things on an even keel? One of the best ways to implement a sense of calm is by practicing feng shui. While the ancient art of Chinese feng shui can seem a bit mysterious, fear not! In... CONTINUE READING 14

DIY Versions of Chinese-Food Takeout Dishes

The weather's crappy out, you’re broke and you’re starving. If that's not a typical winter night, lucky you! For the rest of us, takeout sounds ah-maze-ing. When the craving strikes for some Chinese food and you're not in range of an open takeout spot, whip something up with these easy go-to recipes. Most consist of typical veggies (onions, carrots, snow... CONTINUE READING 20

6 International Holiday Traditions We Should Celebrate Here

With the holidays super-close (yikes! I’ve GOT to finish my shopping!), many people are partaking in their usual traditions—attending parties, baking, listening to and/or singing holiday tunes, etc. However, the US isn’t the only place where these holidays are celebrated! There are traditions worldwide that I wish would make an appearance in our country. Here are six awesome ones that... CONTINUE READING 11