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Green Food Guaranteed to Make You Feel Good

While you may have had the best of intentions, it’s possible you may not have stuck to that "less brownies" resolution you made back in January. Since spring is marching closer—bringing us one step closer to bikini season—and today is St. Patrick's Day, it only seems appropriate to get healthy with good-for-ya green foods! -Tai Nycole Harriss Healthy eating doesn’t always have... CONTINUE READING 22

Not Your Mama's Chicken Soup

Chicken soup warms the soul, but not all chicken soups are created equal. Yes, you may nostalgically love the chicken 'n' noodle soup your mom used to whip up for you when you had those cold weather sniffles, but your adult taste buds now are probably craving a little more pizzazz than your childhood fave can offer. In honor of... CONTINUE READING 4

Buzzed Bites: Delicious Beer-Spiked Dishes

It's no secret that we here at Shecky's occasionally like our alcohol out of the glass and cooked straight into a delicious recipe, and with Oktoberfest celebrations popping up all over the country this week, we knew exactly what the scrumptious subject of our next spiked bites round-up just had to be: beer! Whether battered, baked, basted or broiled, food... CONTINUE READING 9

9 Not-So-Basic Brown-Bag Lunch Ideas

Step away from the PB&J! If you've been lugging around the same ol' boring brown-bagged lunch since those grammar school days, then you're well overdue for a meal makeover! Get ready for bagged lunch to go grown-up gourmet—we're talking upscale sandwiches piled high with prosciutto, ethnic eats like stuffed, steamed dumplings, not-so-standard salads, delicious desserts to cap it all off... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Classic Julia Child Recipes To Celebrate Her 100 Years

Julia Child—a name known worldwide as kitchen royalty, bringing fabulous French cuisine to American viewers. "The French Chef" star would've turned the big 1-0-0 today, so what better time to recreate some of her classic, delicious dishes? Not only was Julia famous for her distinctive voice, tall stature and contagious giggle, but also for flipping a flapjack... CONTINUE READING 8

Grilled Cheese Gets a Delicious Upgrade

Grilled cheese is one of America's classic foods that never gets old, but what if I told you I could make it even better? Impossible you say? Nay! To celebrate the last day of National Grilled Cheese month, I've rounded up a few ways to make an already pretty perfect sandwich even more mouthwatering, fancified with added ingredients like guacamole,... CONTINUE READING 5

Copy That! Recreate Restaurant Recipes at Home

Ever wonder how your favorite food joints get their popular dishes so perfectly delicious? And how come it’s just not the same when you try to recreate these dishes at home? It’s probably because you haven't found the right recipe, the one with that little somethin' somethin', that key ingredient you've been leaving out. Luckily for you curious foodies out... CONTINUE READING 11

Girlie Takes on Guys' Favorite Recipes

A while back, we did a post on recipes guys love. Don't let fellas have all the fun, though! I’ve taken the top five guy-approved eats and found some delicious girlie twists (ahem, healthier, faster and easier!) on all of ‘em. Read up, cook up and enjoy...whether that's with a significant other or solo! -Cait Rohan Mac ‘n’ cheese is a... CONTINUE READING 12

Super Bowl Recipes for All Appetites

Football fan or not, Super Bowl Sunday is when you can splurge on finger foods and gooey dips that are usually off limits. Whoever you’re rooting for (or if you’re just watching for the commercials and to see what Madonna will do), these recipes will help you create a menu that any type of guest, even the... CONTINUE READING 4

DIY Versions of Chinese-Food Takeout Dishes

The weather's crappy out, you’re broke and you’re starving. If that's not a typical winter night, lucky you! For the rest of us, takeout sounds ah-maze-ing. When the craving strikes for some Chinese food and you're not in range of an open takeout spot, whip something up with these easy go-to recipes. Most consist of typical veggies (onions, carrots, snow... CONTINUE READING 20