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No Bake

By Bianca Logrono It’s finally feeling like Spring! This calls for celebration. With things heating up (slowly but surely) we’ve got recipes that require no heat. That’s right! No bake recipes for your next party. From desserts to savory finger foods, they all require no pre-heating of your oven. Not to mention, they’re delicious. Serve up one, two, three, or all... CONTINUE READING 16

Homemade for the Holidays: 6 Sweet Jarred Gifts

Every year, it's always the same—our holiday shopping list seems small and doable at first, but come December 25th, after weeks and weeks of trying to buy the perfect present, our bank accounts are empty and our sanity's pushed to the brink! Instead of feeding into the commercial Christmas craze, how about opting for sweet homemade holiday gifts straight from... CONTINUE READING 4

Cinco Margarita-Inspired Sweet Treats

Sure, everyone will be serving up the standard salt-rimmed margaritas come Cinco de Mayo, but why stop at only cocktails? The classic margarita can make a cameo in both your bebidas and your bites! These sweet treats are spiked marg-style with tequila and lime for a scrumptious way to cap off your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. From cupcakes to cookies... CONTINUE READING 7

Healthy Twists on Bad-For-You Sweets

It’s hard to give up on those deliciously fattening desserts altogether if you’re looking to drop a couple of lbs before bikini season. So, don’t just quit cold turkey! You can still satisfy that sweet tooth with low-fat treats that taste just like the real deal. Forget that whole "half the calories is half the taste" spiel—these treats are so... CONTINUE READING 14

Copy That! Recreate Restaurant Recipes at Home

Ever wonder how your favorite food joints get their popular dishes so perfectly delicious? And how come it’s just not the same when you try to recreate these dishes at home? It’s probably because you haven't found the right recipe, the one with that little somethin' somethin', that key ingredient you've been leaving out. Luckily for you curious foodies out... CONTINUE READING 11

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

World Vegan Day was November 1, which also marked the first day of World Vegan Month celebrated throughout November. But wait—isn’t Thanksgiving in the same month? How are vegans supposed to enjoy a holiday based on meaty turkey and dairy-laden dishes like mashed potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake? I may not be a vegan, but after reading a few of these completely... CONTINUE READING 9


Always Sunny Aficionado: One of the reasons I love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is how the sheer political incorrectness/ridiculousity brings light to otherwise serious issues. Plus, the self-centered “gang” and their band of unique acquaintances have an infinitely entertaining amount of quirks. I’m here every week to give you the scoop on what I think…and hear what you have... CONTINUE READING 4