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I know what you’re thinking. It might sound disgusting, but those of us who don’t mind the taste of beer question why it’s just wine and liquor in our food. If you like experimenting in the kitchen, especially through baking, beer can surprisingly be a perfect sidekick in making delicious and flavorful treats! Convinced but... CONTINUE READING 12

Season's Greetings: Spread Cheer with DIY Christmas Cards

There are plenty of things we love about the holidays—the presents, the twinkling lights, Bing Crosby, being able to wear festive footsie pajamas all day without nary a judgmental glance—but one of our favorite things is giving and getting Christmas cards in the weeks leading up to the big shebang. But rather than buying up the generic bores from the... CONTINUE READING 10

7 Yummy Recipes For Leftover Halloween Candy

You tricked, you treated, and now you've had pieces of leftover Halloween candy seemingly everywhere in your house all weekend, tempting you at every turn. It's officially time for all of us to rid our cabinets, cupboards and secret hiding spots of those sweet temptations, so we're whipping up delicious candy-filled desserts to pass on to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors,... CONTINUE READING 6

Sweet Faced: Candy-Inspired Beauty Products

It's the end of October and it seems like suddenly everything is Halloween-inspired--there are spider cupcakes in the bakery, Halloween movie marathons on TV, frightening flicks hitting the theaters, costume sections taking over stores and, best of all, yummy candy making its way into our favorite beauty products. This candy-infused makeup will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you looking... CONTINUE READING 13

Make Your Fave Halloween Candy At Home

Halloween is all fun and costumes until the silent killer pops up in your cupboard: candy. It’s everywhere this time of year, and somehow we just can’t escape its sugary clutches. But you know what they say—if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with these homemade Halloween treats. These recipes are even more delicious... CONTINUE READING 5

5 Festive Ideas For Your Labor Day Party

Well that was fun! Summer is wrapping up and Labor Day is right around the corner, which means you've better get a move-on planning that farewell-to-summer fête you're throwing this weekend. To help you be the hostess with the mostess this Labor Day Weekend, we've got some easy do-it-yourself recipes and décor ideas to make that bash remind you of... CONTINUE READING 6

Throw A Backyard Movie Bash

With the summer nights just starting to heat up, it feels so wrong sitting inside watching a movie on the couch. But with many new DVD releases hitting the storefront, it's hard not to imagine sitting back, relaxing and watching a movie on the big screen. That's exactly why you should host a backyard movie bash this summer! Combining the... CONTINUE READING 12

Mom Cave: Her Own Space For Mother's Day

Sorry dad, your man cave will have to take a break until June because this Mother's Day, it's all about the mom cave. With Saturday's premiere of HGTV's new show Mom Caves shedding some light on mama's need for some personal space, this Mother's Day is the perfect time to give mom the best gift she could ever (but would... CONTINUE READING 10

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Dos and Don’ts

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, right? On Valentine’s Day, sparkles can definitely send the heart aflutter. Amazingly, another girl’s best friend that’s also synonymous with Valentine’s Day—chocolate—is a go-to gift with natural ingredients that can alleviate that bling-invoked fluttering heart from progressing to a very unsexy heart attack. Yes, it's hard to believe that what we call a... CONTINUE READING 11

Failentine's Day: Why No Valentine Is Better Than One You Don't Like

This never-been-told, slightly embarrassing story starts with a girl (me) who was in a very on-and-off relationship with someone completely wrong for her. As one particular Valentine's Day neared, my Mr. Wrong started doubting things...again. He wasn't sure he was ready for a relationship, or that this was working out, or some other BS excuse that guys give girls. While this... CONTINUE READING 9