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Spotted at: Holiday Night Out New York City

When we were little, our version of a holiday fantasy featured busy elves slaving away to make us the latest toys and a big, fat man magically delivering them to our houses. But now that we’re all grown up, our holiday dreams tend more toward complimentary cocktails, Goodie Bags, holiday shopping for unique stuff without the hassle and spending time... CONTINUE READING 15

Event Faves: St. Louis

Heads up, STL Shecksters, because Shecky’s is getting ready to head on down to Anheuser-Busch’s hometown in St. Louis. We love these delicious brews, and we’re definitely not alone considering they produce two of the highest-selling beers in the world! To have a little fun with our Shecky’s picks, we decided to pair each of AB’s popular bevvies with a... CONTINUE READING 17

Your Tastiest Tailgate Ever

Move over, football! Baseball is the national pastime, and I’ve got a few great recipes that are sure to hit a home run with anyone. Not a sports fan? These could work for any outdoor party, too! -Cait Rohan Let’s face it—lots of tailgating favorites are fattening...and who wants that, especially now that it's bikini season? Prepare Food Network’s Slim Six-Layer Dip,... CONTINUE READING 17


We already gave you our top 10 birthday treat recipes…but there’s something so obviously missing from the equation—birthday drinks! See our top 10 birthday beverages, and don't forget to celebrate Shecky's 10th birthday with our great gifts to YOU> -Cait Rohan I'm sure you’ve got a few summer b-days coming up, so cheers it to sunny weather and fun times ahead with... CONTINUE READING 8

Celebrate National Beer Day with Bud Light Lime

It's Thursday, and while that's not exactly as great as being Friday, it's close enough...and it's also National Beer Day, so of course I'll be celebrating accordingly with a nice, cold brew. But I know with so many beers out there it can be hard to pick a fave. I usually change beers according to seasons, and while this may be... CONTINUE READING 11

Spotted at: Girls Night Out New York City

I may be a little biased, but I always love Girls Night Out New York City! No matter how many times I go, there are always new things to discover (as well as my old faves!). Check out my top 10 from last week's event. -Cait Rohan I’m a fan of whimsical accessories, so I loved Schmutzerland, whose motto is “satisfy your... CONTINUE READING 14