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Keep Hair Color Vibrant for Months!

I’ve been a hair-color junkie for as long as I can remember: I’ve been dyeing my hair religiously since I was 14 years old! Like some women love shoes and purses, I love hair color. While I like to do DIY hair dye jobs at home, if you have any reservations, consult with a professional hair stylist who has experience... CONTINUE READING 13

Top 5 Online Beauty Resources

Five years ago, you had to wait an entire month to see what your favorite magazine had to say about beauty trends, tips and products. Fast forward to 2011 and now we’ve got thousands of blogs, websites and forums dedicated to us beauty lovers. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best. You already know that Shecky’s and Clumps... CONTINUE READING 11

Rock Blue Eyeshadow with Confidence

Nothing excites me more than blue eyeshadow, but I didn’t always feel this way. I actually used to fear blue shadow. I would always envision looking like Bobo the Clown or, even worse, Mimi from The Drew Carey show. But, darlings, it’s not blue eyeshadow that’s the victim in those beauty crimes. It’s the application. The key is to research... CONTINUE READING 9

Multi-Use Makeup Under $16

I don’t know about you lovely ladies, but nowadays I am trying to save every dime that I can. With gas prices steadily going up, my beauty addiction has taken a bit of a tumble. For that reason, I’ve incorporated a lot of multi-purpose products into my stash. Kiss My Face’s Peace Soap ($15.99) is quite the gem. This all-natural soap... CONTINUE READING 10

Spring Wedding Beauty

Do you hear those wedding bells? It’s the season for spring weddings and if you aren’t the bride, chances are you will be attending the wedding of a friend, family member or co-worker. I’ve got six perfect wedding-appropriate beauty buys for blushing brides and their excited attendees. BRIDE: You beautiful bride you, why not make sure that guests in the back... CONTINUE READING 13

Fave Spring Nail Polish Trends

Although I claim to be a bonafide mascara fiend, if there is one product that I'd think about leaving mascara for, it would be nail polish. I mean, what better way to temporarily spice up your look than by applying nail polish? Nail polish trends have gone from New York runways to the nails of celebrities right back to regular... CONTINUE READING 14

Best Makeup for Newbies

New to makeup? It’s okay, girlfriend, not all of us were born with lipsticks in our cribs. While being a makeup newbie can be loads of fun, a lot of ladies spend a ton of money on glitzy and pretty products that they just don’t know how to use. I’ve compiled a list of five of the best makeup brands... CONTINUE READING 11

Makeup Fit for Every Complexion

While I don’t think wearing and enjoying makeup should come with a ton of rules, I do know that products aren’t always one-size-fits-all. Of course we can wear whatever we’d like, but should we? Can some products complement your complexion better than others? Why, of course! If your complexion leans more toward the light side (think Nicole Kidman), you should absolutely... CONTINUE READING 9

5 Spring Beauty Products to Snag Now

Promise that you won’t hate me when I say this—but it’s practically springtime here in Florida. I know, I know...somewhere in a snow-covered apartment, a gal is giving me the evil eye. The good news is, although the temps may not be above freezing in your hood just yet, they will be soon. So to get you ready, I’ve got... CONTINUE READING 10


If there’s one product I’ve had a lot of experience with, it’s mascara. I’ve reviewed over 100! I know, I know, insane right? All that test-driving made it hard, but I was able to narrow it down to the top five mascaras, one for every budget and eyelash style. Best Drugstore Mascara: I am a drugstore mascara lover by nature,... CONTINUE READING 24