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Golden Girl: 5 Great Bronzers for a Sun-Kissed Glow

Many beauty lovers don’t see the point in bronzers. I know because I too used to be all, “Dude, what’s the point in wearing them?” But now, girlfriends, I have seen the light. How I managed to go so many years without recognizing the awesomeness that is a good bronzer is beyond me. Ah well, better late than never! Be... CONTINUE READING 4

Blooming Beauty: Floral-Inspired Beauty Finds

Flowers.We all love 'em, don't we ladies? They're beautiful, delicate, they smell yummy and they're so singularly feminine. It’s amazing how a field of daisies or bouquet of roses can evoke such a calming spirit. Florals are a big fashion trend this spring but why let the trend stop there? I'm in love with brands that incorporate floral designs, scents... CONTINUE READING 9

Faking It: Mascaras That Give The Falsies Look

Gather around, girls—I have a beauty secret. And please, promise me that you won’t judge me too harshly, okay? I don’t know how to apply false lashes. I know, I know. I tried applying false lashes once and while I liked the overall look, the process was too complicated for me. Applying length-boosting mascara is ten times easier and way... CONTINUE READING 8

Green Beauty for St. Paddy's & After

I’m not Irish but I’ve always been one of those people who wears green on St. Patrick’s Day—and it isn’t always something as obvious as a green shirt—but green nail polish or eyeshadow? Absolutely! You don’t need a reason to play around with green cosmetics and accessories but because we’re all so into the “St. Paddy’s Day” spirit, we’re going... CONTINUE READING 8

Beauty in Pretty Packaging

Admit it...have you ever purchased a product based on its packaging? No need to raise your hand on this one. Brands KNOW how quick we are to judge a book by its cover, which is why they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on designing beautiful packaging just to get us to spend our pretty pennies. Guess what though? It... CONTINUE READING 10

Customize Your Cosmetics

If you consider yourself to be part beauty lover, part mad scientist, you are so going to love this post. While many of us hop around from store to store to scoop up our favorite brands’ products and items, there are others who enjoy whipping up their own cosmetic concoctions. After all, there’s nothing like... CONTINUE READING 8

Valentine's Day Beauty We Love

Now now now, darlings, let’s spread nothing but love in this Valentine’s Day post, okay? While lots of us float on cloud nine after receiving candy, cards and flowers, there is a whole gang of gals that just don’t get down with Valentine’s Day. And that’s totally okay. But, even if you aren’t going on any V-Day dates, you should still treat... CONTINUE READING 8

Beauty to Bring Out Your Inner Ice Queen

Winter is clearly here and even Floridians like me are battling temperatures in the 40s! Yikes! The one good thing about these chilly temps is that you don't have to just feel like an Ice Queen; you can look like one, too. These quick style suggestions will let you snuggle under the covers a little longer and still have enough... CONTINUE READING 11


Guess who just celebrated a birthday? Yours truly! I turned 27 on January 2nd. With my bday and the start of each new year coinciding, I am always inspired to try new stuff beauty-wise. Whether it’s challenging myself with new techniques or experimenting with different products, I love the thrill that comes with reinventing myself. But don’t think that you... CONTINUE READING 12


Whether you want to cry because it sucked or cheer because it was one of your best years, 2011 is leaving us. I love when the new year rolls around because it’s always a sign of renewal. Everyone’s slates are wiped clean when the clock hits midnight. So, let your makeup be as exciting as the anticipation of a new... CONTINUE READING 8