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Chick Lit Flicks: Fave Big-Screen Adaptations

Don't have time to sit down and read an entire book? Ugh, join the club! These ever-busy days, my reading time's been relegated to thumbing through Vogue on the subway to work—not exactly the stuff of literary scholars. But just because we don't have the time doesn't mean we have to neglect our favorite reads—you can hang out with the... CONTINUE READING 11


It's the day after Christmas, and chances are, you're dragging a little. All that excitement is over, you feel like Santa Claus himself after 10 too many cookies and you kinda don't want to get out of your new flannel PJ set. There’s nothing better than watching a feel-good romcom or an all-time classic snuggled up at home with your... CONTINUE READING 7

Little Things a Guy Can Say/Do to Make You Fall in Love

In love, as in life, sometimes it’s the smallest stuff that counts. Yes, my boyfriend may have bought me a beautiful set of pearl earrings, but it’s the little things—like him showing up at a train station to pick me up (without being asked!) when my friends were late—that really get me. So, the hopeless romantic in me was stoked to... CONTINUE READING 17