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Sick and tired of the terrible movies winter had to offer? From the nonexistent dialogue of Olympus Has Fallen to the predictable comedic flop of Spring Breakers, movie-goers have been sorely disappointed. Another potential risk writers and directors of the film industry partake in is the film adaptation of popularized novels. Most of us wish that this industry would stop making... CONTINUE READING 16


We don’t go for violence in the real world, but when an actor takes a kickass role or two as a bad boy that’s a different story. Here, in no particular hotness order, are our favorite Hollywood bad boys. -Natalie Brown Russell Brand The man of many careers — comedian, actor, radio and television presenter, singer, columnist, and author — embodies his own character.... CONTINUE READING 13

10 On-Screen Spies We Wouldn't Mind Shagging

Sure, someone who pretty much lies for a living wouldn’t make the best boyfriend, but these fellas sure do make some tasty eye candy! Between their serious butt-kicking skills, mysterious quality and big guns (and yes, we’re talking about muscles), there’s just something so undeniably sexy about a spy, especially when they’re played by Hollywood hotties like Matt, George, Brad,... CONTINUE READING 12

Sexy Guy Halloween Costumes That Get Us Going

Remember how excited you were when you came up with the perfect Halloween costume this year? Well, here's a whole new reason to get excited about Halloween: men’s costumes. Guys often get overlooked in the shadows of our show-stealing outfits, but we gotta hand it to them—they look damn fine in these handsome get-ups. Move over, men in uniforms. We... CONTINUE READING 9

10 Child Stars Who Didn't Turn Into Hot Messes

Nowadays, it seems you can't even walk out of your house without hearing yet another story of former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes holding herself hostage for hours in a Starbuck's bathroom, or once-upon-a-time Disney movie princess Lindsay Lohan ill-advisedly getting behind the wheel yet again, only to run another person down with her car. The worrying duo is just a... CONTINUE READING 33

Matching Couples: The Couple That Dresses Together, Stays Together?

When The Huffington Post ran an article back in May about a couple that had been wearing matching outfits for the past 35 years, we were completely taken aback. We couldn't imagine how exhausting and rather silly it must be to keep up the matching outfits after the wedding veil comes up and the boutonnière comes off. But now that... CONTINUE READING 10

Did Scientology Ruin Their Relationship?

Yesterday, the Tinseltown super couple formerly known as TomKat reached a settlement agreement after the news of Katie Holmes's filing for divorce from hubby Tom Cruise after five years of marriage shocked the world last month. Speculation over the couple's break-up reached a fever pitch these past few weeks, with one word seemingly on everyone's tongue: Scientology. Yes, Cruise is... CONTINUE READING 8

The Bad Girls Club: Hollywood's Boldest, Ballsiest Bad Girls

We don’t know if it’s the heat or the sense of freedom that comes with summer, but something about the summertime makes us want to act just a little bit bad. The incomparable Mae West once said “When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better,” and her now-famous quote perfectly sums up our feelings about some... CONTINUE READING 10

The Pros & Cons of Dating Older Men

Now we're all for hooking up with an older man but there's a big difference between shacking up with a George Clooney-suave type versus a Woody Allen-Bengay type. If an intimate dinner consists of me watching you readjust your dentures, I’ll have to pass! The older guy-younger gal dynamic is a tale as old as time, seen in age gap-touting... CONTINUE READING 83

How Long Would You Wait to Walk Down the Aisle?

It’s the engagement heard ‘round the world, an event we’ll be talking about for months to come. Hell, if the sun explodes tomorrow, the last words uttered from crazed celebrity-mongers would be “Who designed your wedding dress, Angie?” That’s right, the King and Queen of Hollywood a.k.a Brangelina are tying the knot after seven long years of dating, so all... CONTINUE READING 11

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